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Even though you’ve survived the past few seasons without sponsors, but in this economy, it’s time to start locking down those boxes of free product. Right now is the perfect time to hit up companies, as most TM’s are just sitting around bored waiting for the snow to fly. Once they start traveling for the season, you’ll have a much more difficult time getting them to pay attention to you. These days, there are several websites dedicated to getting you sponsored, but they are all bullshit. Rather, follow our foolproof five-step plan, which will guarantee you at least new board this season!

Step 1: Make yourself a Facebook fan page

Any brand that has been paying attention knows — it’s all about your Facebook fans. They say each fan is worth something like $3, so the more fans you have, the more dollar signs a company will see next to your name. It’s imperative that you suggest everyone be fans of yourself before you even begin the rest of the process. Once you have fans numbering in the double digits, some serious stunts in your video section, and a few candid lifestyle shots to show your great personality, you’re ready to move on.

Step 2: Send your Sponsor me video to YoBeat

It’s important to show potential sponsors you can get coverage in places other than Vimeo, Youtube and Facebook. Since you’ve already created an amazing sponsor me video for your Facebook page, send it to YoBeat and ask really nicely for us to post it. If we post it, then it’s likely everyone else will too, and it will make the next step that much easier!

Step 3: Send out your resume to all the cool companies.

Pick your top 5 dream sponsors and really concentrate on those. There is no reason to dilute your efforts by contacting brands whose stuff you’d only use cause it’s free. You only need to draft one letter, but remember to change out the names to the appropriate one! You don’t want to email Kevin at K2 and start with “Hey Java!” Those guys totally talk.

Step 4: Lower your standards

When you don’t hear back from your dream companies, maybe you will have to stoop to a strange fringe company with lower standards. They’ll be so excited you’ve even heard of them, they’ll pick you up in a second, right?

Step 5: Buy a board

If, after a few months of self promotion, you have not received a single response, maybe your swivels aren’t up to snuff. Head out to your local shop and purchase the newest, hottest gear with your parents’ hard earned money. That way, you can at least pretend you’re actually sponsored to your friends.