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With no job or aspirations, Ben Graham took an extra interest in my new couponing hobby. Well, first he talked a bunch of shit, and then he asked me to take him with me. Since Ben is helpless like a small child, I agreed and asked him what he wanted to buy. “I don’t know, yummy food,” he said. Helpful. We’d settled on Albertsons (the best deals were there this week), so I prepped a good trip full of bachelor food, and we were off.

There were a few catalina offers this week, so we did two transactions for him.

Transaction #1:

4 cans of Healthy Choice Soup (Regular $2.99, On sale $1 – $1/2 coupon + $1 back = $.25 each)

4 boxes of Cheerios (Regular $4.59, on sale $2.50 – $1/2 coupon + $2 back = $1.50 each)

3 packages of Knorr sides (Regular 1.89, on sale $1 (no coupons) + $1 back= $.66 each)

Total OOP $13 (with $4 back in catalinas) — 64% savings.

Transaction #2:

2lbs of Tillamook Pepper Jack cheese (Regular $9.99, on sale $8.49 – in ad coupon = $4.99 total)

4 Marie Calendars Frozen Dinners (Regular $4.99, on sale $1.88 – $1/2 coupon = $1.38 each)

Then we used the $4 catalinas from the last transaction so total OOP was $6.51– 78% savings.

I did one final transaction for myself, where I picked up:

1 package of Tully’s Coffee (Regular $10.59, on sale $5.99 – $1 in ad coupon – $1.50 coupon = $3.49… wanted to get two but they were wiped out)

3 Knorr sides ((Regular 1.89, on sale $1 (no coupons) + $1 back= $.66 each)

I paid $6.49 (62% savings)  and have a dollar to use next time.

Overall a successful trip with stuff that will actually be useful. Ben seemed very impressed and actually uttered “I can’t believe it” a few times while were checking out, but I told him next time he was on his own and had to get his own coupons, so somehow I doubt he’ll ever do it again.


Everyone wants to be a skateboarder (except of course rockstars and Gods.) Luckily for me, I am totally awesome at skateboarding. That is of course, unless you put me in a video with people who are actually good. I guess since Jared’s video is arsty, I will forgive him for making my stunts look less cool by juxtaposing them against Ben and Scott.

Dude Ranch Mini Ramp: Portland from Souney Media on Vimeo.

Ben Graham is sort of like the child I never wanted. I helped him move to Portland (well, let him stay at my house) and showed him the ropes. Introduced him to the Dude Barn dudes (indirectly) and now he is a thriving member of Portland society. And last night was the momentus occasion of the little guy’s 21st birthday.

His big brother Ian came into town for it, and I took him skateboarding yesterday in lovely cold, rainy Portland. We check out the new Department street course– better, but still not my favorite — and then hit up Burnside. It was the typical scene when we got there, a few kids pushing mongo in the flat, and then some drunk dudes came and started yelling at them. Since they weren’t skating we had the place to ourselves. It was fun-ish. Yougi killed it.

I was going to go home and shower, but when I brought the guys back to Ben’s, he was like, lets go to the bar! So we ended up at Vendetta, which is a rad place, with a big patio, good food and cheap beer. Definitely backing it. From here I can tell the story in pictures…


The brothers Graham


This happened a few times.


See, here is it again.


Someone bought Yougi a shot. he was pumped. That is until…




He was a good sport about it though.


A few rounds of shuffleboard


A bitter defeat


And it was off to First Thursday with more drinking along with way. Yougi learned to say “drink and drive.”


I don’t think he really “got” the art though


He bought a shirt.

I know I’ve sort of deviated from Ben’s birthday at this point, but he was definitely too drunk to remember anyway. We found out Yougi leaves in 4 days, which is sad and Brandon tried to get me to marry his for citizenship. I thought about it, but then decided it might be weird. Then I went home.

I know I promised two blogs in one day, but perfection can’t be rushed, and I got over it before I finished the video last night. So here is the continuation of my awesome Saturday. The video really says it all, but I do need to throw in this one picture.


Pat disappeared for a while at one of the spots. When he came back he wasn’t wearing socks. Apparently he had found a clean port-a-potty, but there was no toilet paper. Bummer.

Without further adieu…

…but all the sun hasn’t made the “kids” any smarter. Ben and I have been on a serious skate mission (though today I took off to build galleries and do real work). Yesterday we hit up Vancouver, which is typically known for being over run with little ones. As expected it was, but these kids just so happened to be especially entertaining. Since I had just gotten a new camera (mine crapped out after less than a month but they let me trade it for a new one) I figured I should probably film. Here is the result.