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SIA is no longer relevant. No one is writing orders, the new product has been on the Internet for weeks, and brands are still booking Redman to play their booths. However, it is still the industry social event of the season — a who’s who of pros, bros and people who were once highly influential, but now think Yobeat is cool. Despite our best efforts to just get everyone to fly to Vegas for the weekend, we’ve found ourselves in the Mile High City once again. The show is basically the same as last year but with more split boards. While we were tempted to use the same photos as last year, Jared shot some new ones, which you can click through above.

And since we know you all hate to read (but who wants to watch video of a trade show) here are some bullet points of what you missed on day 1.

-If you wonder why we’re so hyped on C3, it’s because they let us store our bags in their closet. Dinosaurs Will Die would probably do the same thing, but instead of a closet, they had a pile of jackets on the ground.

-Our “business” day started the at 686, where a new marketing regime shoved a beer in my hand at 10:30. I drank it out of a mitten.

-Stan is signed up for a tattoo at 11:30 tomorrow and is planning to get a banjo. Sorry that he opted against “shaun white’s face” or a penis, but we really we don’t think you guys took our suggestion game on Facebook very seriously.

-For some reason they let Dylan Trewin into the show.

-Salomon and Bonfire have a vintage camper in their booth, which is awesome, especially once Geiri from Nikita let me know there was beer in the fridge — that is if you call Coors Light beer. While we’re talking about silver bullet, I determined the reason it’s so popular in Colorado is in this damn dry air you really need to stay hydrated, and it’s basically water.

-Halldor Helgasson is not dead, he just has a black eye.

-No one else seems to be embracing my hashtag “#tradeshowhell” so get on that shit tomorrow, people.

-You can charge your cell phone at the Saga booth, as long as you haven’t upgraded to the 5. But we wouldn’t recommend leaving it there unattended…

-The new Adidas shit looks dope, but maybe that’s just the Heart Coffee they were brewing up talking.

-The promise of Salt n Pepa at the Burton booth was kind of a lie, as only Pepa was there. They do however have a split board that’s as fast and easy as the hookers outside the Rockmada where we’re staying, if you’re into that sort of thing.

-The Irish Snug has only gotten worse.

-Hondo is sad than neither I, nor Mary Walsh would box him, but the Eddie Wall vs Kyle Clancy fight should be one to watch. UPDATE: EDDIE WALL FTW!

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Probably some other stuff happened, but I have free booze to consume tonight, so we’ll leave it at that. Stay tuned for the full report on Stan’s first SIA, Rumorator’s epic interview series and the world premiere of the Yomerica teaser in the coming days. Trust us, reading about SIA on the Internet is just like being there, except your feet aren’t sore and your lips aren’t chapped.

Now that the cat is out of the bag about my first tattoo (sorry mom and dad!) I figure it’s a good excuse to post Suicide Girls-style pictures of myself on my blog! That’s what people who have tattoos do, right? I mean, I’m new to this whole thing, so you tell me. Also, being a writer and there being a ridiculous back story, I guess I’ll share that too.

I didn’t plan on getting a giant tattoo of Tyra on my bicep — or really getting a tattoo at all two weeks ago — but I had been casually tossing around the idea of getting a small cat tattoo for a little while. My dad said, it’s the crowd I run with, and I guess it is. I went to Chicago for the weekend to do some product testing with Nick Lipton, which we did, and you’ll be able to see soon. But the first day I was there consisted more of brainstorming than actual filming and after a few beers, the subject of tattoos came up. I mentioned I sort of wanted to get one, and Nick said, well, you gotta do it at least once, just to see what it feels like. Keep in mind, Nick has a tattoo of his coworker’s name on his ass that he got to prove tattoos don’t have to mean anything, so maybe not the best influence, but it sounded logical to me.

A few minutes later, I was at Tatu Tattoo on North Ave with this picture I took of Tyra in hand. I said I wanted to get it as a small line drawing on my arm, and the girl said ok, there’s four people in front of you, it should be about an hour. We went back to Nick’s house across the street to wait and pretty soon it had been well over an hour. Apparently the other tattoos were taking longer, and she called to say they were bringing in another artist and would be ready for me soon. About two hours later, I went back to meet Kenny Buck. I showed him the picture and he said, no problem, give me a few minutes to draw up a sketch.

About 15 minutes later, Kenny came back with a much larger drawing than I had planned on, but damn, it looked good. I told him I was thinking a bit smaller, but he said, “if we go much smaller than this, you’ll lose a lot of detail.” Now I don’t know anything about tattoos or tattooing, so I figured I might as well listen to him. He explained how he was going to make the head darker and the body lighter to mimick the depth of field in the photo and he seemed like he knew what he was doing, so I said, ok, just make it look good.

It took about an hour and a half, although the throbbing in my hand from having it dangle off the table made it feel much longer. I was doing ok though, until we got to the shading portion. Honestly, I had no idea he was planning on filling it in like he did, and holy shit, cutting skin over already cut skin does not feel good. But I guess that’s the fun of getting a tattoo, and it’s not like I could stop.

Approximately 4 hours after deciding to impulse get a tattoo, I had this. No, I don’t regret it at all and in fact, I’m really psyched on how it came out and that it worked out so well.

Check out more photos by Jared Souney after the jump. (more…)

Plenty has been written about how to get your foot in the door in snowboarding, but everyone knows the true path to industry success is starting a blog, so no need to write another story about that. No, this story is for those people who’ve already “made it.” The ones who put in their years as a rider, then moved on to an industry desk job, and now find themselves at a turning point and are looking to take that next step into the “real world.” It’s a big decision to give up things like powder days off, cheap/free gear and a meager paycheck, but at some point, many industry types will find themselves ready to make the leap. For you, we offer these future career plans.


Become a bouncer/bartender

If you’re ready to give up the snowboard industry, but not the occasional snowboarding itself, this is a great option for you. You’ll work mostly nights and weekends, leaving you all week to go snowboard. These jobs also will not require you to shave, or get a haircut, and the more menacing you look, the better. Basically, it’s like your years of snowboarding have specifically trained you for a nighttime service job.


Go work in a different extreme industry

Chances are in all your years of snowboard industrying, you haven’t really learned anything that valuable. At least, not in a way you can transfer your skills to a big money, high profile job in a totally unrelated industry. But there is one loophole that will enable you to advance elsewhere despite your complete lack of qualification: a different, but similar job in another “action sport.” Perhaps Mountain Biking is your passion, or skateboarding, or surfing. All of these jobs are basically like snowboarding, but warmer. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to target an employer such as an energy drink or footwear giant that also deals in snowboarding, but doesn’t really know the difference between it and the sport you want to work in. They’ll accept your snowboarding experience as valid, and all your dreams will come true!


Go back to school

Nothing will help you make the life change you’re looking for like going back to school. Sure, when you get out of school you’ll find yourself in debt and hardly more qualified than when you started, but those few years will be deemed as “productive” and “socially acceptable” and maybe by then you’ll have figured out what you really want to do.


Get on a reality TV Show

Once upon a time if you wanted to be successful in a new field you would go back to school, and then work your way up the ranks slowly. Not anymore! Now if you want to be a chef, designer, artist or any other skilled craftsman, there’s a TV show to get you there. Or maybe you just want to find love, preferably with a million dollar bonus at the end. There’s a show for that too! And even if you don’t win the grand prize, after you’ve starred in one reality show, your acting career is right around the corner.


Start a restaurant or Coffee shop

Now that you’ve conquered the snowboard industry, there is no reason you can’t dive into your own business. And what business is more likely to succeed than a new restaurant! Ok, that is a lie, but it hasn’t stopped many former snowboarders from embarking on such a journey. And hey, if your restaurant starts failing, there’s a reality show for that, too!

Move to Brooklyn

It won’t really work though. The snowboard industry is sort of like the mafia — once you’re in, you’re in for life.

Summer is winding down, which means it’s time to start getting ready for the season. Perhaps you’ve done this once or twice before, but this upcoming season isn’t just any season. No, this is the ’10/’11 season, which means there’s a long list of new products, trends and other important factors you must take into account when determining what you’ll need when the first snow flies. Never fear, your friends here at YoBeat have done the research for you, and starting now we’ll be dropping stories that will be your guide to success and glory this season.

In this first segment, we show you how to get a homemade tattoo. While yes, they may be permanent, prison tats are this season’s feathers, so you don’t want to be the only one in the mountain town without one. Luckily, Party Time Nate recently purchased a tattoo gun (slightly safer and more respectable than a ball point pen and a lighter) so we used it in our tutorial. While it is not required, a large amount of alcohol is not a bad idea before going under the needle, and if you already have some shitty tattoos, you’ll suffer less regret in the morning.

But enough talk, if you haven’t already, enjoy the video of Nick sacrificing his shoulder (further) to the altar of “being cool in snowboarding” and remember, if all your friends are doing it, it must be cool!