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Credit: Me. Alliancewakeskate.com


I have some days where I just can’t put together a punchline. Today is not one of those days. I am doing a really amazing job at making fun of stuff and stealing funny jokes from others for my own benefit. Here’s a quick run down.

I received a Grenade Games press release this morning. Now I am not just going to post an ad for Monster and Grenade without some subtle shit talk. I killed it.

A little bird forwarded me what may or may not be an inter office joke at Burton. It was funny, so I ran with it. I mean, my sense of humor doesn’t lie, they obviously wanted this on Yobeat.

But I do not just limit my humor to YoBeat. Today I think I pulled off a post that might even make wakeskaters laugh! It helps that they actually wrote it unknowingly, but I think the pictures are really what sets it apart. Check out all 99 uses for your old handle.

If none of this succeeds in making you LOL, I feel we might need to reevluate our friendship. That is all.

I just got back from a quick trip to So Cal. It was partially to keep my status on United, and mostly to have a meeting about Alliancewakeskate.com. Time to add some more functionality, change a few things up. Nothing too major, but I think the stuff we talked about will make the site better, so that’s a good thing. Don’t want stuff getting stale in wakeskating.


It was unbelievably beautiful in San Diego. Warm, sunny, light breeze. You know, perfect. Of course I spent my two days in an office infront of my computer, but at least I was right next to the ocean. Also got my requisite So Cal cuisine: Wahoo’s and In-N-Out. Actually I accomplished one of my life’s goals: I put my first YoBeat sticker up at Wahoo’s. Not just any Wahoo’s either- Sheckler’s local Wahoo’s in San Clemente. Yeah big time.


I’ve taken to saying “I am going to blog this shit out of this” no matter what I am doing, because for some reason I now have like 15 blogs on different subjects going. There’s this one, of course, and then Alliancewakeskate.com, Futuresnowboarding.com and Yobeat (which let’s be honest, probably isn’t getting updated anytime soon.)

All this blogging makes me tired, although I do enjoy that I get to tell everyone my thoughts and sometimes I get paid for it. I just posted my first snowboard-related story in a few weeks on Future. Actually, yesterday I took Jared riding for the first time this season. The snow was sticky and we didn’t make it off the advanced bunny slope, but it was sort of fun. We had fun taking pictures of each other “getting some” and here’s the one I got of him.


Mostly my time has been spent on Alliancewakeskate.com. It’s worth it though, all 30 people who wakeskate seem really psyched on the site. I kid, I kid. There are at least 50 people who wakeskate.

There have been several things I meant to blog the shit out of recently, but haven’t, such as the wierd Last Thursday artshow I went to. I heard it described as “a field of psuedo hipsters in a sea of bad art” but Lovejoy’s art was pretty cool. Here’s a picture of that so you can feel like you were there.


And I also went to check out the new Atmosphere store, which I would expand upon but there’s a Future Blog in the works. I will give them the exclusive!

It’s always interesting too see how long it takes for the novelty to wear off of a new blog. Apparently for me it took abut 3 weeks. But I swear that’s not the reason I have been so sporadic on the updates. Actually I have been very busy building out the new Alliance Wakeskate site. Since it’s pretty much been a solo mission (except for some help making di cut stickers and Tshirts) it’s taken up most of my time. But it finally launched last night at midnight! The message boards are abuzz with excitement and I have that new-blog excitement again.


Other than that, it was super nice for a day here. I took the opportunity to skate, but the realized what I really wanted to be doing was planting things in my garden. Does that make me lame? The next day I went to my first amateur wakeskate event. It made me appreciate the skill level of the pros, if nothing else. And I still don’t understand why it’s so much colder in Washington.


More stuff has probably happened but I am keeping this one short because I have to get home and figure out how to pack all my stuff for a week and 40 Tshirts with the new baggage restrictions so I can go to Florida on tonight. Toe Jam this weekend, luckily the kids are pre-stoked on me thanks to the new site. They will totally give me the exclusive interview (and not just because I am the only person frm the media there!)