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Happy New Years!!! It’s officially 2010 in Australia, but for us in the rest of the world there’s still time to make plans that are sure to let you down. In the words of Pat Bridges, “A New Years you can remember is a New Years to forget,” but if you are not actually trying to get black out drunk by 10 pm, one option is snowboarding. Here are a few resort across the country where the lifts will be spinning until midnight. Woo! Party.


Wild Mountain, Minnesota

As we’ve already seen, Wild Mountain knows how to party! Will the Michelot’s or Zac Marben’s mustache be there? Probably not, because there is actually snow elsewhere now, but the official NYE celebration includes a spaghetti and meatball dinner, Party Hats & noisemakers and a balloon drop all for $34.50. For more details or to sign up for spaghetti, click here.


Afton Alps, MN

If you’re not cool enough for Wild Mountain, you can hit up Afton Alps instead. It’s 100% open and they have a couple parks, which you may or may not be able to access from the front lifts that will be turning until midnight. Free appetizers at Paul’s Pub means you can skip dinner.

Lift ticket: $27, More info


Cascade Mountain, WI

Fireworks! Rail Jams! We’re going to start driving to Wisconsin right now! Ok, since it’s 30 hours, we probably wouldn’t make it for New Years, but if you already live there, might as well check it out (Rumorator, I am looking at you.) The rail jam starts at 6 and cost to register is two non-perishable food items. Oh yeah, and you need a lift ticket as the website very explicitly states “If no ticket regular ticket theft rules apply” and a helmet. You can get your money’s worth out of it though, as lifts run ’til Midnight.

Lift ticket: $49, More info


Mt Hood Meadows, OR

Meadows was smart enough to get a beer sponsor for it’s New Years Celebration, so you know where we will be would be if we weren’t too lazy. Plus we’re not classy enough for an exquisite dinner buffet, but boardin’ til Midnight for only $25 sounds pretty rad. Fireworks at 10:15, though not viewable from the chairlift. More info.


Ski Sundown, CT

There is a chance that Ski Sundown doesn’t really want you rebellious YoBeat readers at it’s family-friendly New Years Celebration, featuring live music by Aunt Polly & the Family Jam, but screw them. The lifts turn until 12 and there is a bar.

Lift ticket: $34, More info


Appalachian NC

Ever since we saw the Airblaster Movie, we’ve sort of wanted to shed Appalachian Ski Mountain (despite the name.) And even though the celebration is “alcohol-free” and the lifts are technically only open until the normal 10pm (just ice skating after that!) the serious dumpage NC recently received should make up for it. Sounds wholesome.

Lift ticket: $61, more info


Wachusett, MA

Once I went to Wachusett and the locals simply looked at me and said, you’re from Vermont, and you came here, to snowboard? But now that I am banned from Vermont, I’m happy to report it was actually pretty fun. And for New Years the lifts are open ’til 12 and there are fireworks and a magician. If you are feeling like a baller, for $95 you can participate in the champagne package with Hor D’oeuvres and booze, in addition to the magic show.

Lift ticket $54, more info