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Across the street from my office there are a row of flowering trees. I think cherry, but I am not sure. Anyway, yesterday the wind was blowing just enough to scatter them all over the street, which made it look like snow, but pink. It was amazing.


I entertained myself by exclaiming “it’s snowing” every time I went downstairs, which didn’t seem quite as hilarious to Aaron, the vegan bakery employee who was hard at work. Also, I made sure to get this shot below which NO ONE ELSE thought to do. So creative.


I’ve taken to saying “I am going to blog this shit out of this” no matter what I am doing, because for some reason I now have like 15 blogs on different subjects going. There’s this one, of course, and then Alliancewakeskate.com, Futuresnowboarding.com and Yobeat (which let’s be honest, probably isn’t getting updated anytime soon.)

All this blogging makes me tired, although I do enjoy that I get to tell everyone my thoughts and sometimes I get paid for it. I just posted my first snowboard-related story in a few weeks on Future. Actually, yesterday I took Jared riding for the first time this season. The snow was sticky and we didn’t make it off the advanced bunny slope, but it was sort of fun. We had fun taking pictures of each other “getting some” and here’s the one I got of him.


Mostly my time has been spent on Alliancewakeskate.com. It’s worth it though, all 30 people who wakeskate seem really psyched on the site. I kid, I kid. There are at least 50 people who wakeskate.

There have been several things I meant to blog the shit out of recently, but haven’t, such as the wierd Last Thursday artshow I went to. I heard it described as “a field of psuedo hipsters in a sea of bad art” but Lovejoy’s art was pretty cool. Here’s a picture of that so you can feel like you were there.


And I also went to check out the new Atmosphere store, which I would expand upon but there’s a Future Blog in the works. I will give them the exclusive!


In the midst of my first trip to Florida of the year. It happens to be for the kick off of the wakeskate tour. About this time of year I realize how pasty Portland makes my skin and feel self concious, but what can you do? I am down here to cover the event and promote the new site.

Basically, I am killing it with real time results (thanks Jared!) and daily videos. It’s hard to write, film and shoot so i’ve been delegating like crazy. I wrote a blog, but other than that, I’ve had help with the daily stories (day 1, day 2). I shoot some of the photos, but then I hand off my camera so that I can film. Luckily some of the wakeskate kids are into photography and don’t totally blow it!

Today is the last day of competition, but I am hanging out down here for a few more days and I am going to go on a content blitz. And maybe even work on my wakeskating a little too. I am already totally fried, but at least I am not so white anymore.

It’s always interesting too see how long it takes for the novelty to wear off of a new blog. Apparently for me it took abut 3 weeks. But I swear that’s not the reason I have been so sporadic on the updates. Actually I have been very busy building out the new Alliance Wakeskate site. Since it’s pretty much been a solo mission (except for some help making di cut stickers and Tshirts) it’s taken up most of my time. But it finally launched last night at midnight! The message boards are abuzz with excitement and I have that new-blog excitement again.


Other than that, it was super nice for a day here. I took the opportunity to skate, but the realized what I really wanted to be doing was planting things in my garden. Does that make me lame? The next day I went to my first amateur wakeskate event. It made me appreciate the skill level of the pros, if nothing else. And I still don’t understand why it’s so much colder in Washington.


More stuff has probably happened but I am keeping this one short because I have to get home and figure out how to pack all my stuff for a week and 40 Tshirts with the new baggage restrictions so I can go to Florida on tonight. Toe Jam this weekend, luckily the kids are pre-stoked on me thanks to the new site. They will totally give me the exclusive interview (and not just because I am the only person frm the media there!)


I think it’s official this time. Today it’s well over sixty degrees and sunny, and I finally got my studded tires removed. Actually, funny story. Since this was my first time having studded tires (and I have been called a pussy and informed I should “jet get all season tires”) I am not that well versed on the protocol. After my first treacherous drive to the mountain with them though, I was glad I dropped the money to get them. I even wrote a blog about that.

But now it’s April, and Portland has some silly law that you have to remove them by a certain date. That date, as it turns out, was April 5th. Now on April 5th  I was actually using my studs, driving up the mountain for Vegetate. So obviously I didn’t get them taken off. I had really good intentions to do it that Monday, but you know, I managed to forget.

I went a whole three days before getting pulled over for still having on my studs. Now as I was getting pulled over I really had no clue why. I’d grown very accustomed to the noise, and well, it seems the cops would have better things to do in Southeast Portland, like busting drunk drivers and breaking up meth houses. But no, he wanted to tell me that I was supposed to get my studs off THREE DAYS AGO! Everyone I mentioned it too said it that way, like three days was a really long time. Maybe it’s just cause I am getting older, but three days doesn’t even seem like enough time to do anything, so seriously, why the guilt trip?

Anyway, the cop let me go with a warning and I got the tires taken off the next day. My car is so much quieter now and hopefully I will get more miles out of my $4 a gallon gas. If nothing else, maybe I can get a tan cause it’s finally nice out.

Vegging Out

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Josh Dirksen

I went to my first Vegetate ever this weekend. Since I have no real perception of time and the passage of time, I don’t remember the first time I heard about Vegetate, but I guess it must have been when I moved to the Northwest for college. I don’t know, because I remember hearing about it and it being kind of a big deal, and it doesn’t seem like I was in college THAT long ago. Sort of like Spring Loaded used to be when Terje and Brushie would show up. Well, it’s not a big deal anymore. The only “name” there was Josh Dirksen and he didn’t even compete. Oh, and I saw Nick Dirks in the lodge. Oh and the “superpipe” was about 12 feet tall.

Despite being a small, amateur contest, and me being so big time, I definitely had fun. Jeremy 2 and I took some runs, found some powder stashes, and I got the shot (more or less.) Actually we timed it perfect, showing up with enough time to take my requisite 3 runs and roll up right as finals started. So good times.

If you wanna read more in depth stories, may I recommend the one I wrote on Future, or perhaps my blog on Fuel.tv? And now it’s time to start going to warm places.

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. Even an old lady like me knows that if your birthday is on a Friday, you best be going out. So I did. While my vision was blurred, most of these pictures are out of focus because my camera was set on Macro for the past four days. Now that I am 27, I am old and wise enough to figure that out. Whatever, you get the idea.


This was my very wonderful birthday cake. The witty slogan was courtesy of Jared, but the baking and icing was all Lisa.


Derek took me to Sagittarius for dinner. This time I went with the deep-fried Garden Burger. Now how can you go wrong with that?


We went to the East Burn, where you and nine friends can drink for free for an hour on your birthday. Of course, you have to plan ahead for that, but they did give us a free round. The Koerners stopped by on their way to some show.


Derek was the best birthday motivator ever, and I am stoked Jen came, even though she bought me a gin and tonic and broke my no hard alcohol rule. I held it together though and everything turned out ok.


Luckily I took a lot of extreme close ups, since I had that damn macro thing going on. Pat came, but hung out with his girlfriend the whole time.


Ramon always manages to show up for my birthday. He was even there the year I did shots and ended up licking the wall at the Sandy Hut. Gross, i know.


Here’s me and Derek. Look how much fun we are having!


We migrated to Red Flag, where Jason was hard at work. Here he is making rice and beans. Good job.


Drew came by when he finished work. Miraculously, I was still there! But don’t worry, I left pretty soon after.


I think this picture of Pat really says it all!


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3 days. Not too shabby.


Day 2

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Just a photo and quick update on my yard project. Bribed some boys with beer and hot dogs to help me move the asphalt. Went to Home Depot and bought some plants. Set everything out how I want it. Today more digging, but it’s coming together.



If you’ve been reading this blog then you have probably deduced the things that I am interested in: cats, food and extreme sports. But there is one more great passion in my life, home improvement! It’s not just that I watch HGTV constantly, but since I got my house almost two years ago I have delighted in painting, digging, destroying and refurbishing things. While I have a very useful boyfriend who has done things like put in a sky light and wood floors, sometimes I just like to get my hands dirty myself. That, and my spazziness gets things done much more quickly than his need for perfection.

He left town yesterday, so I decided to go to town on the random strip of asphalt next to my drive way that has been bringing down my curb appeal since I moved in. I started out timidly poking at it and seeing how hard it would really be, and before long I was was going full force, smashing, ripping, pulling and tossing. The whole neighborhood got in on the act. Bob from across the street was offering up sledgehammers and other useful tools, and Robbie, the six year old from next door, was actually helping. What six year old wouldn’t want to destroy shit?

I had only intended to do part of it, but before i knew it all the asphalt sat it two not-so-neat piles at the end of my driveway. Today I am going to cart it away– I found a place that will take it for free, and then the space will become a lovely garden with a path using some flagstone Bob gave me. I don’t want to sound like a dork, but this stuff is way more fun than skateboarding.