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I might have been hungover today. Maybe. After the Dude Barn fiesta Nate and I decided it would be fun to get really drunk, so I did. Look for amazing photos featuring me, Kokane and popcorn coming soon to a social networking profile near you, but this post is about today.

My sister arrived from Vermont yesterday with her friend Laura, who apparently skateboards. So I sucked up the headache and sour stomach to take them up to Battleground. We lagged and I missed out on the session with homies, mostly because as we were pulling into town Burgerville was seriously calling my name. Let me tell you, the strawberry lemonade that is finally in season was (almost) enough to snap me out of it.


Heaven in a plastic cup.


Jenna did the thing where she ordered a salad and then ate everyone else’s food. Classy.


We killed it!

Honestly I didn’t even intend to mention the skate session, but then this happened:


and this (by my cat’s nameskate):


After I got the shot I realized they probably didn’t want me to blow out their set on the internet, so I only put a few brief clips in the video. Very conscientious of me, i know. However, my sister trying to learn to drop in (despite not being able to ride a skateboard) was priceless. You should watch just for that.

Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week for one simple reason: it’s donut day! Working above a bakery I have to really limit my intake of wonderful confections, but on donut day I let myself indulge. There’s nothing like a sweet, gooey donut to really make the day go better.

So this morning I was telling my favorite vegan Aaron about how much I love donut day and he said, “wait until you see the special donut we made!” Almost instinctively I replied, “Is it shaped like a cock and balls?” Obviously it was.


Of course the Sweet Pea staff went above and beyond, making it actually function. Yay, wednesday!

Here I sit watching ABC’s The Bachelorette. Now I’ll admit I love terrible TV as much as the next person, but this show is a low, even for me. So why, do you ask, would I put myself through this show where the SAME GIRL from last season searches for love amongst douche bags once again? Well, I currently have two guests from Ohio, and they excitedly informed me someone from their past was one of the potential suitors on this season’s Bachelorette.


The Ohioan featured on the show is Jesse Csincsak and according to his bio, he is a professional snowboarder. I personally have never heard of Jesse, but my friends told me he’s huge on the Grand Prix circuit and similar competitions. I bet he is really big in Japan.

So for the entire episode (even the night scenes) Jesse had his sunglasses on his head. I think that really sums it up. He will probably get sent home soon, (actually I know he’s already at home because a call may  have been placed to him as soon as the two hour show concluded, but I think they probably film in advance), but no doubt he’ll show up on another reality show in no time. Yep, snowboarding has really made it!

I know I promised two blogs in one day, but perfection can’t be rushed, and I got over it before I finished the video last night. So here is the continuation of my awesome Saturday. The video really says it all, but I do need to throw in this one picture.


Pat disappeared for a while at one of the spots. When he came back he wasn’t wearing socks. Apparently he had found a clean port-a-potty, but there was no toilet paper. Bummer.

Without further adieu…

Saturday was big for me. I started by riding my bike to the rhododendron garden, which unfortunately cost money to get into and only took cash. So we didn’t actually go inside, but we had fun and got exercise inspite of ourselves. When I got home I remembered this:

So off to Northeast I went. I brought along Jared, Nate, and Steve Blasko, fresh off the plane from Ohio. I promised them fun, and good hot dogs. Luckily Cory (and his new employee Jim Draplin) did not disappoint. And Nate guessed the ingredients of Cobra Sauce first try. Sadly, he is no longer with us. JUST KIDDING. That was a joke about how Cory killed him to keep his recipe safe, but as it turns out, it wasn’t that funny when I made it either.

Here’s an adorable picture of Cory, his lady and Gary.


Since Cory was busy being cute with his new girlfriend, Jim held down the hot dog stand.


He is officially the best looking cobra dogs employee. Nate and Blasko enjoyed his wares.


Gary ran security.


He was really intimidating. And his master really drove a hard bargain.


One of the best bargains of the day was free advice from Evan Rose.


Two wise men.


I bought Jared a couple of books, in hopes that he might whittle me an elephant statue.


And even the hipsters made some purchases. As I was leaving I definitely saw one who looked like the guy who just won American Idol. I congratulated him and he laughed. Not sure he knew what I was talking about.


Now I know the title is “two blogs, one day” and there’s another one coming. After the yard sale I headed to the Dude Barn and more hilarity ensued. But I’ve got to edit the video still.

Jared has been claiming soup skills since I met him. Since I fancy myself to have some culinary skills as well, I couldn’t just let him claim it. So after lots of talk, we finally got down to it: the official soup off. Thanks to Nate, Chrissy and Tim for judging. As for the winner? Well, you’ll have watch the video to find out:

I am officially a lame old person. Here is how I spent my weekend.


I finally got the plant hanger things I wanted and put them up on my patio.


I planted petunias at the base of this weird shrub thing in  my backyard.


And begonias next to one of my pine trees.


I took the weird shelf thing from my front porch and turned it into a decorative cage for my beans to grow up.


I took the plastic off my tomatoes since it was almost 100 degrees.


I made my front porch “more inviting.”


I got way too excited because the columbines i planted last year are blooming.


Same with this azealea. It didn’t bloom last year but a little fertilzer and look at it go!


I am really excited about the improved curb appeal of my house over all.


Oh yeah, and my new stacked washer and dryer!


And who could forget my adorable cats! They wanted out.

Oh yeah, and I also did some work. A post about the Bonfire party on Future and of course some updates to Alliancewakeskate.com. Big weekend.

I love it when I come home to Portland just in time for good weather. It doesn’t always work out, and more often than not I miss the brief sunny streaks in the winter. But now we are getting into the time of year when it’s nice all the time, and hopefully this is the official kickoff. I was telling Corey from Alliance about the warm temps and he asked if the newspaper was covering how the polar bears at the zoo were handling it. I laughed and didn’t think anything of it, but this morning here was the headline:


Last night Sherowski had a little BBQ. It turned into a ladies skate sesh on the mini mini but I am really mentioning it because I told Jesse Huffman, who was visiting from New York I would blog about seeing him. I like Jesse, Portland needs him back.

Oh yeah, and I got my own thread on the wakeskate message boards! Since usually threads about me are devoted to what a hack I am, this is a nice change, although it will probably take a turn for the worse at some point.


I spent the past week or so of my life trekking through the south, listening to Bright Eyes or Country (that’s it) and wakeskating a little bit. I was on a feature trip for Alliance and that means hanging out with 18 year old boys and riding around in boats. Not a bad deal over all.

I made it back in one piece, although I’ve developed some nasty allergies (I blame the bayou) and my patterns of speech have gotten a lot less proper. I even caught myself saying y’all at one point.  Louisiana rules though. Nice people, good food, and warm sunny weather. We ate at this place Raising Cane’s at least twice. It’s like In and Out for chicken fingers. Delicious!

We drove through New Orleans on the way back. It’s one of the few places in this country I’d never been, but always wanted to. We didn’t spend much time there. An hour at a Mcdonald’s on the outskirts (that happened to play a Matt Pond PA song while we were there) and then a drive by some of the crazy above ground cemeteries. I really wanted to stop, but it was 7:30 and they were all closed. The drive took us through a neighborhood still ravaged from the hurricane. As it turned out, it was actually not in that bad of shape. Other places we passed we straight boarded up and deserted. Definitely a sobering experience– it’s been almost three years!



We made it back to Orlando just in time to hop on a flight a day early, i upgraded with my miles (thanks Alaska!) and now I am home. I got goodies from Osiris, Devotid and UGP while I was gone and my tax refund from Oregon. talk about a home coming!

Today I’ve been scrambling to catch up. I posted a blog on Fuel, a little story about the Atmosphere gathering before I left on Future, and of course a bunch of stuff on Alliancewakeskate.com, including this video.

The other night I went to my first dude barn party. Due to my hectic schedule (and general lameness) I missed all the prior festivities so this one had a lot to live up to. Rumor was these parties got out of hand — cake in the ceiling fan, burning shoes and other debauchery. I even secured myself a designated driver in the hopes of getting “sketchy.”

I’ll be honest. This Dude Barn fiasco was a little on the lame side. Granted I left at 11:30, but the promised rap act did not perform and instead there was a DJ. (And no one comes to a dude barn party to dance. ) The party started out with a bunch of dudes ripping the mini, and everyone standing around watching until that got shut down. I blame my latest squatter Nate for the fact that I was drinking Budweiser. But because I always think things are lame, I asked a few other people to make sure I wasn’t being unnecessarily salty. They agreed.  Honestly, I wasn’t even going to blog about it but George totally challenged me and here it is.

Now the dude barn dudes will probably hate me and I will lose skating priviledges. I will be 86’ed forever. So I am going to conclude this by saying that it was clearly a fluke thing and the next party will be epic! Either that or this was typical and everyone has been lying to me all along. Damn, there I go being salty again.


I totally sponsor Ben.


I was having trouble getting the timing right with my point and shoot, but i totally nailed the drop in!


Designated drivers.