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Although I run, edit and basically am the reason Alliancewakeskate.com exists, I try not to actually do much writing for the site. Aside from a few blogs, I reserve my literary skills for the occasional feature and interview, cause I figure there are probably more qualified to write about winch spots and what not. Besides, the most entertaining words on the site come in the form of the comments, where a few individuals have taken it upon themselves to turn everything into a battle. The best part though, is no log in is required, so people can post as anyone. It only took a few weeks before the kids realized this and started posting hateful things as each other. It’s been sort of a mess, but a funny mess, so whatever. Anyway, the point of this whole rant is to post a link to the interview I did with my friend/rider/team manager/all around rad dude Silas Thurman today. I think it came out alright in spite of my total lack of preparation (shhh.)

Tomorrow I am headed to So Cal for the Super Girl Jam and then some office face time. My elbow is doing alright, but I will be out of commission for skateboarding unfortunately. I plan on working on my tan, drinking and eating lots of Wahoo’s (the real benefit of going to Huntington beach)!

Pity Party

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This is not actually as bad as it looks. Thanks Jen for the emergency room transport once again. I would write all the details but the sling up to my shoulder makes it hard to type. Read this blog to find out more.


With all this excitement about the new iPhone, I have almost been tempted to get one. Wait, no I haven’t. I am happy with my PC version and I am signed on for like 8 more years with Verizon anyway. Jared was an early iphone adopter though, and just upgraded to the new software, which provided him with many more fun applications. That brings me to the point of this post: One of said applications is Urban spoon, which pinpoints your location and then randomly selects a nearby restaurant. The best part of this is it selects a new one when you shake it and makes a neat sound, but I digress.

This application is perfect for my lunch blogging pursuit because it comes up with random restaurants you would otherwise never think to visit.  After a few test shakes, we made the call to do to whatever restaurant it said next. Quick shake and Dove Vivi was selected. Urbanspoon said it was cheap, had pizza and vegetarian options. Perfect! So we drove over to 28th and Glisan but alas, they did not actually serve lunch. One strike for Urbanspoon.

Since we were on that corner though, we decided to hit up Laurelthurst. I got a somewhat epic grilled cheese with tomato and onion ($5.50 and it came with a salad) and Jared got a vegan breakfast burrito (breakfast is served until three.) All in all, a wonderful lunch, no thanks to the iPhone.

In other news I was going to blog about going to Gabriel Park, but I did that for Fuel instead so go check that out there.


Here’s one picture from Gabriel though. This is Raddick. His dad shreds at skateboarding and I’m sure someday he will too.

I updated Yobeat for the first time in 5 months. That’s all.

New Stuff

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I spent the weekend shooting the Nike wakeskate team in Salem and in my studio. It was more work than I really wanted to do, but I did get one shot of Ben that might get some love in the print mag. I also took portraits, such as the one below, which are always fun.


Today I finally got around to uploading some more recent print clips, including my first newsstand print cover and a feature in the June issue of Transworld Business. I could make you go look at the published samples page, but that just seems unnecessary, so here are the images and/or links to check out the PDFS.


This is the cover I shot on the June issue of Alliance Wakeboard. This was part of my Louisiana trip, although it’s actually in Florida, about 30 minutes from where we started. I guess it’s a good thing that lately the best pictures I end up getting are some of them first ones I shoot.


Gotta download the PDF by clicking on this one. It’s a feature in the June issue of Transworld Business about Risk Management at action sports events.  A lot of work went into writing this one, as “legal matters” “injuries” and “death” are not popular topics of discussion among action sports.


This is a story I did for the National Ski Areas Association Journal last winter about Night Events. Not sure how I got pigeonholed as an events reporter for trade magazines, but whatever. I was stoked on how this one came out as well. Now if I can just get them to stop using butt shots!


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I’ve spent the last few days of my life at Nike Migration. Some of it involved amazing free food. Most of it was time I can not get back. If you care about Migration, check back later and maybe I’ll write something, or better yet, read my intern’s blog. It’s way funnier than what I would come up with anyway. INTERN BLOG HERE

For now though, I will just touch on my favorite part of migration which was puppies!


I have no idea who this guy is, but he has tats and is drinking Busch. He must be extreme!


This was by far the cutest puppy. I thought about buying him off the dude, but he’d recently been swimming in the Willamette so I am pretty sure he had some sort of disease.


This is Gus. He belongs to Silas but I often think about stealing him. I mean, he likes beer! We have so much in common.


Oh yeah and this is the St John’s Bridge. It was sort of neat to be under it instead of using it to drive to Pier Park or googling to see how tall is it (205 ft fyi). And I thought this was a neat picture.

Last night I blew off a skate mission to watch the Bachelorette finale. It was a good decision, because as it turns out, J-sak won! I don’t personally know Jesse, in fact, my first impression was that he was not doing the sport of snowboarding any service by claiming to be a pro snowboarder, but after watching the whole season, well, I got a little tear in my eye as he proposed and she accepted! So what better way to celebrate than by getting an exclusive interview, with his friend Nate.


How do you know Jesse?
He’s a childhood friend of mine, originally from Ohio. We used to snowboard together.

Cool. So, how did you find out that Jesse was on the show?
I received a few text messages from a few friends who must watch tv and they said to turn on ABC at 8 on Mondays and then I was tuned it.

What did you think his chances were of winning it all?
At first I thought it was a joke. He didn’t seem like he was her style, but after awhile he turned the charm on and turned it around, which obviously shows.

Have you discussed with him how much money he’s making off this?
That I have not yet.

What was your favorite Jesse outfit over the show?

I have to say that any outfit he had the sunglasses and hat. Hat and sunglasses, which was actually all of them.

Are you invited to the wedding?
I have not heard back about that. I’ve asked, but I don’t know.

If you do get invited can I be your date?

There’s a good chance of that.

Do you think it will last?
I think it will. He is kind of a committed guy, when he goes for something he really commits to it.

Yay J-sak!

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I always knew you would win! Check back tomorrow for the exclusive brookegeery.com interview with my friend Nate who knows Jesse personally!

I was going to do a 4th of July post for 4th of July weekend, but I think I’ve come up with something even better. You see this weekend, I took advantage of what’s truly great about this country. I am very opposed to being in debt, spending money I don’t have, etc. This tends to make me totally cheap about things. But for some reason, the one thing I am willing to spend money on is my house, and I recently decided to bite the bullet and get all new windows and doors for the place. I planned on just paying for them out of savings then “paying myself back” over the next few months, but then I was in the Home Depot, looking at the total and thinking, man, sure would be nice to save 10 percent on this! I figured there was no time like the present to get the credit card, save my 10 percent and then just pay it right off. Well what I didn’t think about was the 4th of July special for no interest, no payments for an entire year! Needless to say, I threw out all my beliefs on avoiding debt and was like, woo! free money!

Of course it’s not as awesome as it sounds. You have to spend $299 to get the no payments thing, so the next trip I found myself wandering around picking up random things to make sure I spent enough. $450 trip to buy caulk (ha, caulk) later I think I might have to stop using the card already.  But anyway, it was sweet while it lasted and now I have two new doors and new windows on the way. Here’s some sweet pictures of the destruction.


Of course I forgot to take an actual before picture, but here is the general concept of what it looked like.


My local Dennis the Menace came over to help.


Ripping shit out is cool.


And here’s what it looks like now. We’re replacing the other window, putting in a little deck, and painting the whole thing, etc.


Anyway, America rules!

Now that I’ve finally made it (please see my interview referenced below) , I feel like it is only right to pass my success on to others. Yesterday intern and I went to Glenhaven to do “research” for the go211 spot checks we are working on. I had my little point and shoot camera and was randomly snapping shots, when i suddenly realized one of the young kids who was ripping seemed to be purposely doing so for me to take photos of him.


The photoshoot turned into a video shoot and intern said he “was going to get all Jon Holland on this shit!” Our new friend Kyle was shredding, and we got some ok footage. I figure a Youtube video was in order. Maybe he can use it to get sponsored!

Either way he called me this morning to go skate, and I told him we were going wakeskating! This should be fun.