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Photography runs in my family. Though I consider myself a writer/editor before a photographer, I and have shot everything from web-specific event coverage to magazine covers. Here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken over the years.


My best snowboard photos from the current and past seasons


My favorite skate photos.


Photos of wakeskating, which is like wakeboarding, but without bindings.


Portraits of snowboarders and other extreme and/or random types


Being a crazy cat lady makes for adorable pictures of my kitties.

Cities and Towns

Photos of some urban (and not so urban) settings around the world


Whatever, you know flowers are pretty.

Nature and Crap

My dad is a landscape photographer. Occasionally I dabble.

Living Things (non-feline)

If it breathes (or used to) I stuck it in this gallery.

On the Road

Travel, transportation and other scenes from the road.

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