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I have been working on the Internet since it cost $3 per hour to connect through dial up. I am involved in several different websites. My specialty is the direction of editorial content, to get the viewers to the site and checking back. I recently have also developed an expertise in building simple, effect blog sites. Here are a few of my recent projects.



Kicking since 1997, these days YoBeat.com is one of my main projects. I, along with one editor and several columnists, keep the site updated daily. The goal is to keep content and concepts fresh with a unique view in an over saturated market. It’s worked, with traffic increasing on a daily basis.



I use a custom-created CMS to keep this site, the best and most comprehensive wakeskate site in the world, updated on a daily basis. From editorial direction, to managing a staff, to creation and gathering content, I am solely responsible for keeping this site attracting thousands of visitors a day.



In partnership with designer Jared Souney, this site was created for Sweetpea Baking Company in Portland, OR. We worked with the client to keep the site simple to navigate, and simple to update.


Portland’s only Gluten free bakery needed a website that would be easy for them to update and change. They liked the Sweetpea Site, so I created them a wordpress site of their own.

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