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I’m Brooke. I write a lot of things on the Internet and have been since long before I even had my Livejournal account in college.  I write a lot about snowboarding (which has somehow turned into a job) but I also like to write about food, living in Portland, chicken farming, food cart pod ambiance, television, how good I am at things, couponing, instagram, occasional real world issues, and other stuff you may care to only read some of. Luckily for you, I have a site for every interest (as long as you have one of the following three interests):

Yobeat.com – A site that I and a friend started on the 2 mbs of free space from AOL and has somehow turned into one the biggest sites in snowboarding. I try not to take it too seriously, when I do things get weird.

Hipstercouponing.com – If you LOVE Extreme couponing, which I got into for a couple months after the show on TLC aired you can go read that site. Who knows, I may even update it randomly.

Lunch on Hawthorne – The project where Jared and I tried to eat at every restaurant on Hawthorne once. Now rebranded as Lunchinportland.com and about southeast Food Cart pods. Whatever.

I am available for freelance work! Writing (lots of writing), Social media, photography, wordpress help, youth marketing strategy, location scouting.  Located in Portland, OR. You can contact me via email at brookegeery (at) gmail.com.



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