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I really have been writing Yobeat content since 1997, but these days it’s a full time job (literally) and as the publisher I do much more than just write ridiculous stories. It’s a fun experiment in new media, and proof that a media entity really can survive in today’s “everything is free” Internet culture. Click this link to check out some of the features I’ve written recently.

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  • Skip says:

    I have an Electric Car Touring company. I’m Skip and I stay busy with tours. I do real Estate Tours, DUII tours, Strip Clubs (I know where salmon come up behind the Acropolis) , mountains, gorge (in the gas car), Tree Hugging Tours, how the plug works, etc. Sometimes newbies need to hire a real mountain-man guide. That’s me. Gas or electric. I know where the Benson House is, but the trick is, where is the THE SECOND Benson house? ARRRR HARRRRRR 503-892-4572 -Skip

  • Facundo says:

    You can totally rent a car (my fmaily did it) but warning driving in Italy is stressful, confusing and the other drivers are insane. Driving in the country wasn’t too bad and you got to see all these cute towns that don’t have public transport to them but driving in cities is hell. Look into trains.

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