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admin (19.04.2012 00:27h): Shorts and Shades Park City 2012

The season is officially over at Park City. Lick the Cat took closing day as an opportunity to train for the official Shorts and Shades at Mt. Bachelor. Just in case you can’t get enough lily white legs, here ya go! Riders: Sam Taxwood, Blaze Kotsenburg, Ben Bilodeau, Blake Geis, Jordan Tramp, Corey Kembitzky, Cody Lee, Jeff Richards, and friends. [Link] [Cache]

admin (18.04.2012 18:57h): Make Friends or Die Tryin FULL MOVIE

At long last, Jake Durham has released his full movie to the masses. Enjoy. [Link] [Cache]

admin (18.04.2012 14:55h): FootyFiend Racks!

The season may be slowing down in the rest of the world, but FootyFiend shows no signs of stopping. Rack em up! Riders: Adam Franks, Kai Ujejski, Brin Alexander, Brady Smith, Cody Wilson, and Sean Thompson. [Link] [Cache]

admin (18.04.2012 14:50h): Mystery District’s MMXII Teaser

Just in case the Mayans were right, Mystery District is putting out this flick on 12.21.12. We’re not sure if that means they’re never actually gonna finish it, but for now, watch the teaser. Riders: aj ogden, pat miller, evan williams, cam st. pierre, jacob st. john, loren exon, jaeger bailey, mitch richmond, phil damianakes, reed schneider and friends [Link] [Cache]

admin (18.04.2012 13:09h): Team Vacation Goes to Japan

Insert witty write up here. Riders: Chris Carr, Louif Paradis, Chris Grenier, Taka Nakai, Scotty Arnold, Teddy Koo, Desiree Melancon, Harrison Gordon, Kohei Kudou, Ryuichi Kabeta, and Rio Tahara. Edit by: Tanner Pendleton [Link] [Cache]

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