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admin (26.03.2012 03:58h): Flippin Weekend 4

Ride-on rails, tiny airs and more from the coolest kids in Colorado! [Link] [Cache]

admin (25.03.2012 22:51h): How To Get Last in a Banked Slalom

If you’ve ever taken part in a Banked Slalom, you’ve probably heard someone say “it doesn’t matter how you do, as long as you’re having fun.” You know what’s not any fun, though? Finishing in the middle with an average time. After practicing all season and earning middle-of-the-pack finishes at the Dirksen Derby and Nate Chute Classic, I finally was able to put down a notable finish at ShredNW’s Bone Zone Banked Slalom at Timberline on March 24th, despite the challenging combined time format: LAST PLACE. How did I pull it off? Well, lucky Yobeat reader, I’m going to tell ... [Link] [Cache]

Item (1 - 2 of about 2)


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