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The Beargrounds (20.03.2012 22:07h): Tape 3

When some parks are starting to melt out and pull features, Bear Mountain keeps it going, making everyone hate their local spot. Deal with it. Riders: Richie Conklin, Jordan Small, Keoni Kaimuloa, Robert Toste, Lenny Mazzotti, Jake Schaible, Jimmy Hay, Devin Allen, Ryan Townley, Trevor Curran, Austin Leong, and Brett Wilkinson. [Link] [Cache]

admin (20.03.2012 21:50h): The Bone Zone Banked Slalom Is Back

Its that time again. Bone Zone Time! The 2nd Annual Timberline-Shred NW Magazine Bone Zone Banked Slalom is set to go down on March 24th and 25th, 2012. 2-day event this year! Last year was a freakin’ blast, and this year is looking like its going to be a great time too! The course will be as fun as ever as the longest banked slalom course in the NW. The sponsors are Timberline Lodge, Shred NW Magazine, Crack Grease, Burton, RED, Anon, Exit Real World, Suzuki, The Ratskeller and Yobeat. First 75 competitors to show up get a custom event ... [Link] [Cache]

Firing Squad (20.03.2012 18:07h): Tyler Orton vs Colter Wade

The worst thing about shooting photos of powder isn’t dealing with the elements or hiking or anything like that. It’s that you waste the entire day not really riding. This week’s photo battle contenders spent their powder days stand around, carrying heavy bags, all in the name of getting the shot. All you have to do is click a radio button and vote, so make it happen. Photo 1 by Tyler Orton Photo 2 by Colter Wade Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Think you can do ... [Link] [Cache]

admin (20.03.2012 16:48h): How To Pull off a GoPro On Your Head

Not many people film things that are worth watching with a GoPro on their head. Brandi Bratner may have figured out the secret. NSFW. Pervert. via the perverts at Boardistan, who got it from Europe, where it’s cool. [Link] [Cache]

admin (20.03.2012 16:42h): Dave Schiff Reviews Homeschool Outerwear

The nice people over at Homeschool gave me some outerwear to test out. I got a With Teeth Jacket from their Alpental Series and the Line Up pant from their Hood series. Homeschool’s niche in the market is to provide a technical yet stylish product that is sufficient for the most agro of Northwest snowboarders. I have to say this jacket and pant combo looks pretty good. I mean I can make anything look good but seriously… It doesn’t look like the hip culture of 1984 took a ragging diarrheal shit on its fabric. Smooth single tone design with well ... [Link] [Cache]

admin (20.03.2012 15:15h): Hypermountain Goes to Japan

We’re pretty sure Japan is paradise. This video from Hypermountain’s trip there is doing nothing to disprove it. Can you say, epic? Riders: Erik Botner, Fredrik Evensen and Masaomi Harada Film/edit: Kasper Häggström [Link] [Cache]

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