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IRPC (02.03.2012 01:49h): Episode 5

If watching this video of night riding at Park City with all the superstars doesn’t convince you to go board at Park City, well, then they should just fire Pat Fenelon. Riders: Cody Rosenthal, Knut Eliasen, Ben Bilodeau,Matty Moriarty, Scotty Arnold, Alex Sherman, Griffin Siebert, Mike Ravelson, Spencer Schubert, Alex Andrews, Parker Duke, Sam Taxwood, Alex Rodway, and Caleb Flowers [Link] [Cache]

admin (02.03.2012 01:00h): Enlighten Early Teaser

The “other” Videograss crew just dropped their first teaser. Watch it. Or don’t. Featuring: Frank April, Matt Belzile, Alex Cantin, Dustin Craven, Bryan Fox, Will Jackways, Phil Jacques, Jake Kuzyk, Danny Larsen, Bode Merrill, Eero Niemela, Benji Ritchie [Link] [Cache]

DOME-E-NATION (01.03.2012 15:05h): Wessel van Lierop

Postland’s Dome-E-Nation series wraps up with Wessel Van Lieop. Now that it’s finally snowing, we’re posting it as somewhat of a public service announcement to remind you how good life is in the US of A. And also cause this dude shreds this damn dome. [Link] [Cache]

admin (01.03.2012 14:55h): Arbor Face/Off at Big Boulder

Holy Shit Pennsylvania, here comes Nick Visconti, Austin Young and Arbor Snowboards for the FACE/OFF event at Big Boulder mountain on Sunday, March 11th. Get ready for some totally wild times. For all the details on the event visit http://www.arborcollective.com/. And don’t miss the next Arbor FACE/OFF at Boreal Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe, California on Saturday, April 14th. [Link] [Cache]

Item (1 - 4 of about 4)


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