Night Riding at Meadows

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Here at YoBeat, we try to keep things fun. But sometimes, between the hate comments, and me constantly telling Nick Lipton that he is a douche bag, morale can get low. So it was time for a little team building exercise, and luckily Mt. Hood Meadows had just opened its night riding facilities for the season. With Party Time Nate in tow, a few road sodas, and the desire to get rad, Nick and I set out on Black Friday 2009 to strengthen the bond that makes YoBeat tick.

  1. burritosandsnow

    you guys and your silly joke’s … <— the apostrophe is for Brooke to cringe at and for Nick to edit

  2. matias

    “that’s why I have a fucking editor”

  3. Estes

    Brooke almost got broke on the tree jib to late flip.

  4. I totes LOL’d a few times! You guys are the best. It looked like no one else was even out there!

  5. balls

    brooke eating shit made me glad i watched this!

  6. I find the fact that there were no headshots of Brooke actually on a snowboard to be suspicious.

  7. graham

    coming soon to willy pass

  8. why?

    why was nick sleeping in the car? do y’all not have a couch?

  9. To answer your question why, Nick is not allowed inside my house.

  10. Peter

    Nick gets whiskey drunk and ruins houses. it is for everyones best interest to not let him sleep in your house.

  11. why

    worst excuse for a meadows edit ever. stay in the parking lot and drink

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