Anto Chamberland X Games Real Snow 2018

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Anto Chamberlain knows no chill. His snowboarding resume is too long for most modern attention spans to read (so just go watch it on Then when he finally gets to take time off from logging clips, he switches over to fighting fires in his native Sherbrooke, Quebec. He may be pushing 30, but his knees and will are strong for his second appearance in Real Snow.

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Click The Gif To Watch Anto’s 2018 Part

What shot/trick are you most stoked on?

Anto: That’s a really hard question… most of them have something that I really like, probably why they made it in the edit… but to pick one, I would go with the switch bs 50-50 on the down-down kink just because we don’t see that trick very often. Plus, the rail is sick looking, and I like how smooth it looks.
Sam: The double handplant for sure. It’s such a weird trick to see and it usually gets the biggest reaction out of people when they watch the part.

What shot/trick was the biggest challenge?

Anto: The handplant on the green roof was a real struggle… it took 6 or 7 hours of tries… the speed I needed made it really hard to be in control… the roof fabric was hard to land on. I was losing control in the landing and crashing at the bottom. still can’t believe I got a good one.
Sam: The hand plant on the green roof was definitely the biggest challenge. It seemed like everything was against us. We had to build the in-run twice because a snow plow truck destroyed it the first time. And it took Anto awhile to get the speed figured out and ride away from a clean one. Luckily, it’s an abandoned building so we had all day to try!

Where did you film your part?

Sam: Chicoutimi, Montreal AND don’t forget the 1 trick we got in Quebec City.

How long did it take?

Anto: Two weeks in December and two weeks in January.

If you’ve competed in Real Snow before, how did this year go compared to the past? If not, how did the reality compare to your expectations?

Anto: I think it went a little better, because I didn’t get hurt this year. But I also didn’t get to do some of my favorite spots because of the lack of snow in the right areas. I also kinda did stuff I thought was cool instead of stuff the judges or general public would like to see. I should have went with more flips and stuff like that I think… But I’m still proud. It’s a good snowboard video.
Sam: I’ve never done Real Snow before, but it was a better than I ever imagined, going to new spots everyday filming as much as possible. All the homies were down to come with us every day and help. We were living the dream. Definitely hope to do it again next year.

Any surprises or good stories to tell?

Anto: Craig McMorris broke the back window of my truck. We worked in the coldest and iciest conditions I’ve ever seen. Bobby Meeks crashed my drone. I meet Benny Urban at a spot and made my filmers film him because he only had one filmer and his spot was rad. We went to Tim Horton 200 times, and Eggsquis (breakfast place) 30 times.
Sam: Plenty of them. Watch the Show March 24th for all that – ABC 2pm ET/1 PM PT


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Real Snow 2017


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