Ozzy Henning X Games Real Snow 2018

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Ozzy Henning is just a dude. A dude who loves to listen to metal, hunt, skate, snowboard and is really, ridiculously good at all of the above. He doesn’t fill his head with useless things such as thoughts about chicks, and instead focuses his skills on being the sickest boarder he can be. This is his first Real Snow appearance, but he’s real snowboarder, and that’s a fact. And yes, you can be good at listening to metal.

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Click the Gif to watch Ozzy’s full part

Filmer: Cole Taylor

What shot/trick are you most stoked on?

Ozzy: Probably the finger flip. It took a couple days, first day was to windy the board would just blow away from my feet.

Cole: Probably Ozzy’s cab 270. That was second try.

What shot/trick was the biggest challenge?

Ozzy: The One foot slide to board slide. That shit was just intense and obe of those anything could happen type a deals.

Cole: There were lots of challenging shots, but Ozzy’s boardslide on the train track rail to bank probably tops them all. That was three days of set up and freezing temps. I think the wind chill was something like -30 Fahrenheit the day that we hit it.

Where did you film your part?

Ozzy: Did a 5 day trip to Duluth MN, then flew to Quebec Dec 28th and flew home January 26th. So full month in QBC.

Cole: Duluth, Minnesota and Quebec City and the surrounding areas.

How long did it take?

Ozzy: 1 Month and 5 days

Cole: Probably about a month and a half.

If you’ve competed in Real Snow before, how did this year go compared to the past? If not, how did the reality compare to your expectations?

Ozzy: Real snow is tough because you not only want to do big shit cause its Real snow you want to keep it to your style and flavor. So i think the reality is you dont just go hit spots, you need to find big unique shit and thats hard. Especially if you aren’t from the area your filming in.

Cole: This was the first go at Real Snow for Ozzy and I. In some ways, it was pretty much what I expected: long days, chasing the snow and countless hours looking for spots. I found that the biggest reality check was not just finishing the part, but creating something that we both were proud of when it came time to submit our edit. You always want to put out the most creative and thoughtful video you can, but doing it with so little time was much more precarious than I could have anticipated.

Any surprises or good stories to tell?

Ozzy: Nothing too good or surprising. Just surprised I didn’t get injured along the way.

Cole: I could probably come up with an anecdote for every shot in the part, but that’s just what comes along with doing something like this. I just want to say thank you to Frank April, Anthony Drolet, Phil Jacques, Trapzilla and all of the dudes in Duluth. You have to have a crew of reliable people to make anything like this happen and we would not have been able to do this without them. Thank you to Rome and Dakine and most of all thank you to Ozzy for letting me team up to film this. He did some pretty cool shit!


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Reckless Abandon 2016


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