Killington in the Mist

I am in Vermont for the Grand Prix. I am making a statement by coming for this event, and leaving before the open, or something. Anyway, my parents live here so it’s an excuse to come home. Yesterday I watched the pipe qualifiers (I may have missed most of the men’s and instead sat though sixty runs of women) then got dinner with my parents at Applebee’s. It’s not that I am too cool for a show by the Shiny Toy Guns (who I am sure I should have heard of) I just really like my Applebees, and my parents.

I trekked back up to Killington (although I will admit I was tempted by watching the webcast and reporting on that instead) where fog was making it a little difficult to have a contest. A lot of waiting around and they finally called it– today at 2 instead (i am going to say the earliest it will actually start if 4.) They had a best trick contest though, and I got some cool photos. I drove home and wrote my story, posted by midnight, f yeah! Of course I have no idea who any of the kids I’d never heard of are in the pictures (man there are a lot of young ripping kids these days) and I already got called out for it. Such is life!

Check out the story here.

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