New School Frostboarding!

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Back in my day, I had to walk 20 miles barefoot through the snow, uphill both ways, to frost board. And then, we just had grass and dirt mounds to ride. You kids today have it so good with your PVC pipes for tickery. Well, the good news is, I am old enough to live out west where there is already a ton of snow and I’m riding powder! But for you poor suckers back east, this one is for you!

  1. nicholas

    your sunshade is on the wrong way

  2. no way!

    That sunshade thing is totally artsy

  3. Johnny Bowles

    So gay that I like it.

  4. fruitygoose

    Unfortunately I am one of those poor suckers back east… I might have to resort to frostboarding until it finally effing snows!

  5. Andrew

    YA JEFF! get back to oregon asap!

  6. AtGnat8

    im not even getting frost yet! gonna hafta just try my luck with the asphalt next time it rains. )=

  7. bob

    these kids look too clean to be from new hampshire.
    they don’t look drunk either.
    hmmm, suspect.

  8. haha

    Hey Bob,

    We go to school in new hampshire

    we are from the P.N.W. (Pacific North West)

    also our school has very little tolerance for drugs or drinking

  9. ed

    That video doesn’t load properly

  10. ben smith

    i didnt know anybody els did that…fuckin awesome

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