New Year, New Yobeat

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2017 was fucked up, man. The world was rocked with turmoil, an Internet troll was elected to the White House and after a little while off, we decided to get back to the biz of snowboard contenting. If you missed the full interview me about the hows and whys, read it here. Otherwise we’ll sum it up like this — Updating the internet every day with a community of anonymous trolls can be mentally taxing. Add in the bullshit that goes with grown up life in this fucked up world, and sometimes it can all be too much. But after taking a step back and realizing, hey, we love snowboarding and we love making content – why not just start fresh? So that’s what we did.

Now I’d personally like to welcome you to the new website. It’s faster, fresher, slightly more organized and will definitely be evolving over time… And you will likely notice you have to log in to comment now. This is not going to change – however, our intern censorship team is pretty lax so as long as you’re not being grossly inappropriate or libelous, you can still say whatever you want. The difference now is an iota of accountability and we believe you, dear Yobeat reader, can handle it!

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Speaking of the Intern team…

We’ve assembled a squad for the ages. Don’t worry – the frat bros of fall are cut and it’s a cross-country menagerie of young, hungry media and design heads we think you’ll really enjoy!


We’ll start in Portland, where Alex “LEG” Johnson has found his escape from Albany, NY. He entered and was chosen to win our Deathlabel giveaway by Pj Gustafsson, and in a serendipitous occurrence, lived a few miles from our home offices. So we went snowboarding together a couple times, and now he’s helping with shipping, graphics and other super fun office work, in hopes of finding his dream gig in the snowboard industry some day!

In Aspen, Colorado, we have Adam Foster aka the Tech Nerd. Adam was raised in Michigan, where he was finding “success” as a high-level machinist. Upon realizing financial security isn’t everything, he decided to toss his ring into the snowboard bum circus and has been bouncing around couches, living in the back of his truck, and otherwise figuring out how to make snowboarding 300 days a year a reality. Adam plans on leaving the party before it stops being fun, but for now he’s riding and reviewing boards to the best of his abilities in addition to instructing the rich and famous.

Up in Seattle, Washington, we’d like to introduce Charlotte Scott. Charlotte is a woman, so let’s get that out of the way. She’s also a passionate East Coaster who is finding out all the ins and outs of the Northwest lifestyle between her design gigs and instructing at Summit at Snoqualmie. She’ll be providing a solid female voice, which is so sorely needed in the realm of Bro-beat.

For the Midwest, Adam Nicks is trying his darndest to be a pro snowboarder, crypto-currency guru and social media expert, all before he turns 26. We figured we can keep him busy with website tweaks while he’s recovering from his regularly-sustained injuries, and sometimes he posts a sick instagram from Wisconsin, too.

Cole Karow at Bear’s DAS Tables event. Photo: Kyle Weiss

In California, we’ve tripled down – tapping the amateur camera skills of Boreal groomsman Joey Leppien for Lake Tahoe, and the media dream team of Cole Karow and Kyle Weiss in Bear. They’ll keep things sunny because well, it’s always sunny in YoCali!


No US media squad would be complete without hardcore Eastern representation, so we’ve hired Mike Garceau and Taylor Stout to keep us up-to-date on the goings on of Vermont and New Hampshire. We can’t be sure they’ll be at everything happening on the Ice Coast, but we know they’ll be at Killington and Waterville, at least!

Finally, because we love Europe, we have Stuart Innes (aka the Scottish Jeff Holce) obsessively watching global internet content and picking his #Yotop5 tricks every month. Wanna submit, just use the hashtag #yotop5 and tag @stu_innes_snowboarder, too!

And on top of all this staff excitement, the submissions box is OPEN. People’s Court is all new, plus stay tuned for weekly mash ups of “O.P.C” (That’s Other People’s Content) and a few one-off posts of the sickest stuff we encounter. We’ll also do our best to share important and exciting news from our sponsors and yours throughout the season. Hell, we might even cover the Olympics from our couch in Portland and make it to Tailgate Alaska this spring!


We’ve relaunched a much smaller clothing department. In fact, we’re calling it YoMerch, and right now it’s a bunch of awesome new stickers, some Stinky x Yobeat collab snowboard socks and one pull over hoodie that’s lit AF. We’ve got some more of the Scott Stevens tees in the works with a new design, and everything will be limited edition. When it’s gone, it’s gone.However, if you’re in Korea or Japan, hit your local shop for what’s left of the 2017 line. And get hyped for next year – we’ve got some big things in the works already!

As your reward for actually reading this, you can use promocode YOFAN for 50% off anything and everything we have in stock right now (one time use per person, expires Jan 15, 2018.)



We’re launching a weekly night at Mt Hood Skibowl (soon) with discounted passes and freebies, as well as one-off events in places such as Brandywine, OH and Wachusett, MA. You should join the appropriate Facebook group to stay up to date.

Most importantly…

We’re done hating on shit and just wanna have FUN. This does not mean we won’t call out some bullshit when we see it. It does not mean any individual or brand is immune to journalistic scrutiny when and if the time comes. And it does not mean you’re going to love everything we post. What it does mean is the website is now a place for “quality” content only. Whether we make it, or you do, you can assume if it makes it to the main page of, it’s at least worth your click. And on social media, (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) you’ll find the constant stream of real time content your ADHD requires.

So welcome to 2018, baby! We’re feeling “East-Coast-positive” about the year to come so stay tuned and remember, we’re always just a click away!

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  1. George McDowall

    Sick to see YoBeat making moves in 2018

  2. sman

    what about aman?

  3. Yobeatdotcom

    Lol he’s a contributor not an intern ?

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