Time for a new airline?

Flying sucks. I do it enough to be well aware that it is really no fun. Sure, if you need to go cross country and don’t want to spend three days in a car, it’s probably the best option, but man, layovers, delays, economy seating, lack of airplane food, etc are all major bummers of domestic travel.

Tomorrow I head back east for, well, no real purpose other than I had a free ticket and there’s a snowboard contest going on so I can write the rest of the trip off my taxes and maybe make a couple dollars. You know that feeling you get when you have to go to work at a job you really hate the next day? Well that’s the feeling I get before I have to fly. It’s made worse if my flight is especially early, and luckily I take off tomorrow around 11, so that’s not it. I just really don’t feel like sitting in those tiny seats, small children making noise and kicking my seat around me. And I am going through Chicago so I am pretty much guaranteed to get screwed. But it’s only going to get worse. While looking for tickets for another wonderful airplane trip yesteday, I came across this:


So yeah, if you don’t have status, it will now cost $25 to check a second bag on United and US Airways. I guess that’s the issue with flying on a bankrupt airline. And even though I have status, and can still check two bags for free, on principal it may be time to take my business elsewhere. Bastards.

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