Fresh Litter: Get Down Behind the Broadcast with the Onlookers of Minneapolis

The streets of Minneapolis have long been a breeding ground for urban snowboard talent. Any time it snows – those with strong, young knees hit the streets and make it happen. Last season, a ragtag bunch of kittens joined forces and put together the above flick – Broadcast Down. In the mix are two college boys, two high schooler brothers-from-the-same-mother, and of course the always-necessary silent killer. That’s one hell of a catfight.

This season, these American shorthairs are meowing to come in with a new project called the Onlookers. So before they find their forever homes, we scooped the poop to dissect the kibble they feed on.

What’s your go-to post-video-mission food option in Minneapolis and why?

Alex Kirkland: Best bang for your buck Wendys 4 for 4, but if we are feeling fancy Snuffys Malt shop is the place to go.
Brandon Kirkland: Wendy’s or Chick-fil-a
Eli Lamm: CHICK FIL A, cause it’s dank!
Jamal Awadallah: Wendy’s 4 for $4 galore
Dan Pergrin: Definitely the Wendy’s 4 for 4. Jamal turns it into an 8 for 8 though. Dude’s always hungry.

Brandon Kirkland | @brandonkirkland1
17 years old from St. Louis Park, MN
Photo: Evan Pierce

What is your camera/lens/editing set up? Who is the least likely to blow the shot if you let them hold a camera?

Alex: Hvx xtreme fisheye and Dan handles all editing stuff.. Dan and Brandon don’t normally blow the shot, I trust either of them.
Brandon: Panasonic HVX200 and a Century Extreme fisheye. Dan for sure when it comes to filming.
Eli: Brandon is rocking with an HVX that we use, he’s also got an extreme lens which is pretty extreme and I believe Dan edited broadcast down on premiere. Least likely to blow shots? I’d say Brandon, Dan and myself. 🙂
Dan: We film with two Panasonic HVX200’s and a Century Extreme fisheye. Gotta keep it real with the Panasonic camcorders no other camera compares in my opinion. Editing wise, I edit everything in Premiere and use Flash or Photoshop for animations. Usually, Brandon and myself are the ones behind the lens. However, Brandon has been known to sporadically stop filming when someone eats shit.

Eli Lamm |@elilamm
Photo: Spencer Nelson

Mall of America Would you rather: Hit the ferris wheel or hit on girls in the food court?

Alex: Girls on the food court, ferris wheels just move to slow.
Brandon: Girls on the ferris wheel?
Eli: I’m gay so I’d probs hit up the ferris wheel.
Jamal: Hit on girls in the food court, fail embarrassingly, then hit the ferris wheel by myself.


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Alex Kirkland | @Alexkirkland4
Age 16, St. Louis Park, MN

What Minneapolis spot have you been wanting to hit the most, and what is your favorite thing that you’ve seen there already?

Alex: Too many to just to chose just one.
Brandon: Not really a spot, but I’ve waiting all summer to take laps at my home resort, Hyland. Nothing better than that. Haunted Hyland is by far the best video ever made there.
Eli: Honestly its finding new spots that haven’t been hit yet, but I’d have to say Mayday is one of my favorite videos.
Jamal: Probably the Minnehaha Falls curved segmented kink. First time I saw it was in Danimal’s Take It Easy part when he 50d the entire knobbed side. Shit was nuts.
Dan:  I know Brandon has one that got away from him a few years back at the Harding DFD that still haunts him to this day.

Dan Pergrin |@d_pergrin
20 years old from Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
Photo: Evan Pierce

If you’d never started snowboarding, what would you be doing with your free time?

Alex: Probably be fishing a lot more
Brandon: I’d probably ice fish a lot in the winter. It’s hard to think about not snowboarding, couldn’t imagine life without it.
Eli: Wow, I really don’t know what I’d be doing do if I never started snowboarding, probably going to school which I’m doing right now and partying to much. Snowboarding has shaped the way I live my life for the better and has introduced me to some amazing people, and for that I am very grateful.
Jamal: I’d probably be kickin balls with some old guys in sunday league.

Jamal Awadallah | @awugudallah
20 years old/Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Bonus questions for non-native Minnesotans…

Would you rather – spend a week in the Badlands or a week at Sturgis – and you don’t get a tent at either!
Jamal – Oh god anything but Sturgis.

Why not move “all the way” west? Do you think you’ll ever want to?

Dan – I wanted to move somewhere with a legit scene and I’ve always been a huge fan of little resorts with rope tows. It was a no brainer to move here and I couldn’t of chosen a better place. Thank you Minnesota snowboarding. Best. Family. Ever.

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  1. brobeat

    Midwest is TRASH, get a real mountain!!

  2. no



    MIDWEST brings the sober to the party while the rest of us shriveled nutsacks complain about how we have no rope tow

  4. HAPPY

    HAAAAAAAAA fucking pow pussy …. go kill it on the FLUFFY FUN run at your gay ass gondola resort

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  6. notice me senpai NOTICE ME

    What’s a roundtop locdawg doing out there in that frozen Midwestern shadow zone? I guess anywhere is an upgrade from buttfuck central Pa. Do work blood do word

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    MIDWEST is best / Vail ruined the ROCKIES CALI B,C.

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