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States #37 & #38: The Carolinas

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circa 2005

State #37: North Carolina

My time here was spent on the Outer Banks, a hurricane-ravaged strip of beach with tons of random mini ramps and bowls. We stayed in a 4-story rental house and skated Wanchese, as well as some other sand covered mini ramps as part of an SG trip.

State # 38: South Carolina

I love South Carolina. I’m not talking about South of the Border, but real SC. I was somewhat over my hellacious trip for SG when we rolled into John’s Island, a small town outside of Charleston. This is the home of the legendary hanger bowl, which we skated as well as the clamshell bowl in the middle of the woods and an indoor birch mini. We stayed in Folly Beach in a really nice Holiday Inn right on the ocean, and I am pretty sure this is where I developed my affinity for staying in nice hotels. My time in SC also saved the trip.

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  • burritosandsnow says:

    Lived on the N.C. coast for two years. Learned to surf there but have never lived on the coast since. One day ill retire to the beach and surf again…

  • admin says:

    I tried out that surfing business when I live in CA (1998, we’ll get there) and I didn’t get it. Still don’t. Call me crazy but I have zero desire to ever do it again. Concrete and snow for me thanks.

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