States #39-40: West Virginia and New Mexico


circa 2005

Yes, you are right, these two states are no where near each other. But I hit them both on the same road trip, so deal with it.

State #39: West Virginia


West Virginia is one state I sort of feel like I didn’t experience. I have only been there once, and only to the little skinny top part. I think we stopped for gas, just so I felt ok about checking it off the list, but no amazing moonshine stories or anything to share here.

State # 40: New Mexico

My cousin lives in NM, so when Sarah Morrison was moving back to California for the 2nd time, we made it a point to drive through and stay there. She lived in Taos, in a small adobe shack with plants growing through the walls. We learned about the difference between “red” and “green” chilies, but more importantly partied with a frightening sub-sect of people Sarah dubbed “whippies,” a.k.a. White Trash Hippies.

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