Seattle Goes all out for Think Thank’s Winter Social


With unseasonably warm and dry weather and stupid El Nino threatening another dry spell in the Northwest, the stoke for the season in Seattle is tepid. Thankfully, Jesse Burtner and the crew at Think Thank are not going to let a little thing like the weather forecast get em down  (cause seriously, when has the weatherman ever been right) and came up with the perfect solution in an otherwise hum-drum premiere season. Get everyone to dress up! While the “formal” designation of the first annual Winter Social was interpreted in many ways by the crowd, the verdict was overwhelming: getting all gussied up just makes watching snowboard movies that much better.

On October 22, 2015, the star-studded crowd donned a mix of 80s prom attire and button down shirts (it’s a snowboard formal after all) and gathered at Hale’s Palladium in Ballard to watch the Matt Cummins Documentary and Think Thank’s Methods of Predictions on the big screen. The movies were followed by a dance party, and the good times were punctuated by some Northwest-y beers on tap. It was the social event of the season, and even if it doesn’t snow this year, at least now we all know that these guys can clean up alright if they have to.


Ollie Burtner owned the dance floor!


Tanner McCarty had a Tom Cruise thing going on, while Desiree Melancon kept it extra classy by drinking red wine.


Ted Borland, Jesse Burtner, Ryan Paul and Dave Marx hand out goodies to people who supported charity by buying raffle tickets. Yay! Charity!


Austen Sweetin was having a hard time fighting off all the babes due to his suspenders and flowing locks.


Bundy accessorized expertly, opting for a cane that not only made him look cool, but gave him something to lean on. Ryan Paul’s choice to wear a tie and a backwards cap was brave, but he totally pulled it off. And we’re pretty sure Riley Goodwin borrowed a tie from one of Johan’s kids.


Riley and Gary Read proved corduroy is not just for the ski slopes!


The C3 warehouse crew ain’t scared.


Why yes, I did wear a dress and you’re right, I do look great! Thanks for noticing.


Desiree’s floral print dress was perfectly accessorized with her feather earrings and blue hair and you’d be able to see it better if these guys didn’t get in the way of this picture.


Myles Soderstrom using an old fashion image capturing device to take a picture of me taking a picture.


Jake Hanson went with a classic “snow bro” look, while Max Warbington rocked the shit out of white pants and a vest.


Attendees were treated to a #zimstagram photo booth and the photos will be available somewhere on the Internet soon!



Fucking Krugmire man.


Brothers from the same mother Austin Hironaka and Jacob Krugmire kept it simple with all black and some stylish headwear.


And while there was a lot of competition for homecoming king and queen, Derrek Lever and Mary Rand showed up and crushed it all.

Now, pray for snow ya jerks.

  1. New Mexiho 505

    I’m bout El Nino. The southern rockies need snow.

  2. Slippery Pete

    Austin Sweeten, the first ever snowboarding baby! Congrats Austin!

  3. That looks like the biggest waste of time

  4. 420

    snowboardings all bout keepin yo shit in a timely manner boiiii

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