Friday Flashback: Party Like it’s 2000


In 2000, I was assistant Snowboard editor for BluetorchTV – an action sports media corp based in Irvine, CA, and funded by a tech company. Said backer had developed technology to make interactive television possible, and hoped to create the demand to buy a product you saw on TV with your remote within the surging action sports market. In addition to a TV show, which aired on some channel no one actually got, they also produced several magazines, and some of the earliest content-driven websites (in a time when a 2mb gif would likely freeze your computer.) Life was good at Bluetorch as tech money and a lack of understanding about the real reach of snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, bodyboarding, motocross and BMX at that time meant we had unreal budgets, catered lunch (and dinner) at the office daily, and for me, one of the best summers of my life. Armed with a camera that shot actual film (I would spend hours in a room scanning slides as part of my workday), I captured many memories. Fifteen years later, I came across the photo album, and damn, if I didn’t get to attend some star-studded parties, such as this one. These photos from some super cool industry event, and include a few faces you may (or may not) recognize.


The Mammoth Connect: Matt Kass, Nicole (Jackson) Klabbermatten and Matt Hammer.


Nate Bozung, age 19. 


Marc Frank Montoya and Kevin Jones, legends then and now. 


Two of the most attractive men to ever grace board world – Chauncey Taunton and Zach Leach.


I ran into Jeremy Baye (left) a few years back at a tradeshow in Orlando, where he was running a company that builds out tradeshow booths. He told me he always knew when girls had googled him because they asked what Yobeat was thanks to his immortal promo shot. Not sure who the other guys are anymore (or if I even did then.)


Wildcats Chris Brown and Kale Stephens. The Canadian cats are making a new movie this year and we hope they both have parts! 


Peter Line hasn’t changed at all – aside from maybe getting a little shorter. Here he’s seen with a European Volcom pro who’s name I would probably have known back then, cause I think he was kind of a big deal.


David Carrier Porcheron is Canadian, so we’re sure this isn’t the first or last photo ever taken of him double fisting.


NOW founder JF Pelchat and Holden founder Mikey Leblanc. Why is JF bleeding? I’m sure he doesn’t remember either. Bonus points if you can name the guy in the background…


Ok this one I definitely recognize the dude with Peter – that’s the Muska, fools!


Whatever you do, don’t get the wrong idea about this pic of Keir Dillon and Anne Molin Kongsguard. They’re just friends, ok. 

So what came of Bluetorch? Well, the glory was short lived as the tech bubble burst shortly there after and on the day before I was set to leave for my sophomore year college anyway, the entire editorial department was laid off. The TV show continued on for a year or two, and Bluetorch was eventually morphed into FuelTV, which was pretty sick, until they went all MMA on us.

  1. Jason P

    That “European Volcom Pro” is none other than Paavo Tikkanen. I would have thought that anyone who grew up watching the original Wildcats movies would have remembered that.

  2. What?!?

    Kurt Wastell = Kale Stephens

  3. really?

    I think he looks like Gigi. Volcom sponsorship too but maybe it’s just coincidence. Gigi would only be 18 in 2000.

  4. Meetch

    Keir is definitely checking out Anne’s rack

  5. chuck d bae b

    fuck keir dillon

  6. Leave a Reply

    That ain’t Kurt Wastell.

  7. Deflenz

    The Euro Volcom guy is def’ly Paavo Tikkanen, absolutely not Gigi…

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