Camp Yobeat: The Yawgoons Session


Summer in Portland is popping off right now. We’ve got dildos hanging from the power lines and new condo complexes on every corner, world class chefs from all over the globe opening restaurants hourly, and a Tinder scene where you might actually get a date. Basically if you’re young (or young at heart), Portland is it. And since we’ve lived here for a decade (which is totally long enough to be mad at the new people moving here every day for “ruining it”) and know about all the best shit in the best city in the country, we figured why not share the love? Create a place where our friends can come, skate the best parks, eat the best food, drink the best drinks, enjoy our newly legalized weed, and otherwise revel everything that’s going on in and around the city. Welcome to Camp Yobeat!*

This week, we were joined by the Yawgoons: Marcus Rand, Mark Goodall, Brian Skorupski, Dylan Gamache and Dr. Brendan and here’s what you missed!





Camp Yobeat is renowned for our knowledge of Portland-area skateparks and the Alberta Skate Dot is a popular stop on the tour. Here, Camp Councilor/Jester Keaton Rodgers shows campers how to take their snowboard skills to the concrete.



The Vancouver Extreme park in Vancouver, WA is another must skate. This session we learned Mark Goodall is really good at fly outs, probably because he used to rollerblade. 


We brought our campers up to Gov’y, where the Airstrip, with its DIY skate spot and mountain bike park, is potentially the sickest place to sleep in the dirt ever. That said, nothing beats a night on the floor at Camp Yobeat!


Happy Valley is only 10 minutes away from Camp Yobeat and our small sessions and insider knowledge of “Portland time” enable you to actually skate it without getting snaked. Marcus Rand.


Our staff photographer will only blow the shot a few hundred times, but you’ll definitely end up with a shit ton of social content to make your friends jealous. Mark Goodall.



Low-impact skate sessions are one of our most popular activities! Marcus Rand.


River spots are plentiful around Camp Yobeat, but we were originally lead to Pothole Falls in Camas via vague text messages and explicitly told not to “post how to get here on the Internet.” So we trust our guests with the same discretion. On this mission, Justin Mulford and Spencer Harper joined us in a special guest appearance, sponsored by GoPro. 


Creativity and sharing are  encouraged at Camp Yobeat! Justin Mulford. Vancouver Extreme Park.


Our daily video review sessions insure you won’t look stupid when your footage hits the ‘net.


At Camp Yobeat, we also offer tours of Portland’s many snowboard brands. This week, we took a trip to the Spring Break Snowboards studio, where Corey Smith has many shreddable pieces of art to admire/purchase.


Campers on a budget can save money on food by foraging for wild fruits and berries. We also visit some of the best restaurants, happy hours and food carts, and have been known to whip up a home cooked meal as well.


Can you think of a better way to relax after a long day of hanging out and doing fun shit, than crushing cold ones and chilling in Yobeat Gardens? Didn’t think so.


And of course, one of our most popular evening activities is the strip club tour, in which we also take dietary restrictions into consideration. All in a days work play at Camp Yobeat!

*Camp Yobeat is actually just Brooke’s house. 

  1. Dunfee

    Your poor chickens must be beat from pumping out eggs overtime…

  2. PomPom

    So if I’m a slightly above average 36 year old lady shred who still hits all the things after 23 years, and have moved multiple times, only living in proximity to lifts since 1993, do I meet the qualifications for a YoBeat merit badge? I would rep it harrrrrrd on one of my favorite kits.

  3. fetty wop

    dtf? im trying get my old woman merit badge. I would rep it harrrrrrd

  4. fetty wop

    also since when is that dirty canadian mark goodall a yawgoon?

  5. PomPom

    You want me on your team. So does everybody else. 😉

  6. fetty wop

    you seem kinda nuts, I like that

  7. no

    you spelled “Camp Counselor” wrong

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