Viewed and Reviewed: Hard to Earn


If you’ve been paying attention to snowboarding at all, then you probably know exactly the type of rider featured in FODT/MFM Production’s Hard to Earn. Snow Gangsters, I believe they are called.

But for the sake of humor, let’s pretend to be an out-of-touch person right now. What would their reaction to this movie be? Well, they would be amazed that there were so many midgets who were so good at snowboarding. They would think, with that many midgets, maybe I should start a brand specifically catering to the little people who snowboard so they are longer forced to wear such giant apparel! And then we would end up with another ridiculously specialized brand run by some moron.  Great.

Wait, what? That’s not really that funny? Crap.

Let’s go with another approach then, because in reality I’ve seen a bunch of snowboard videos, including all the free ones on the Internet. Here’s how Hard to Earn stacked up: It was like a really well-made homey film. Meaning, the crew we’re obviously homies, in the literal and figurative senses. The locations were, for the most part, creative shit that any kid who wanted to put a little effort in, could go ride. I’m referring to tractor trailers, jungle gyms, and normal rail spots used in creative new ways (dude, he jumped over the rail!)  The FODT crew seems to know it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.

The cinematography however, is head and shoulders above what you’re going to find Vimeo. Multiple camera angles, dolly shots, and super high quality HD, dawg. Of course, by around Jake Devine, Chris Bradshaw and Yan Dofin’s shared section, the “Ty Evans” shots we’re starting to make me a bit nauseous. But it was definitely far more pleasurable than any shaky hand-held crap you’ll get for free.

The line up featured just about every pro snowboarder who lives the thug life, MFM, Travis Kennedy, Lucas Magoon, Jonah Owen, etc. Even the super famous TV star Louie Vito makes a cameo and only has one pipe shot, which may or may not effect his chances at making the Olympics. The biggest surprise for me was the ender by Johnnie Paxson. In Oregon we’ve known this kid is no joke for awhile now, but it was sick to see him getting the ender-ender action he deserves.

So if snow gangsters bum you out, this probably isn’t the movie for you. But if you like watching snowboarding, it definitely offers an entertaining and quality version of it.

  1. snowboarding has been canceled

    I fucking hate snow gangsters almost as much as a condescending urban snowboard hipster- yet there is a soft spot in my heart for their clownish antics and costumes. These guys for the most part are just stupid children born of crack ho’s. They make me laugh. I wish they would just wear a red nose. teehee!

    I guess being hard isn’t easy when you’re white, born in the suburbs and the thug life calls your name- damn can you imagine trying to learn the gangsta stare down on your own? Thank God for FODT.

    Makes me just want to hug a thug.

  2. this is more of a hate article than a review…i wanna hear if MFM ,bradshaw, and gooner throw down like they always do. Since their “crew” is made up of most of the best rail riders out there who cares if it is a crew movie

  3. @snowboarding has been canceled, you might hate these snow gangsters, but I think you miss a giant piece they are bringing to snowboarding in general: accessibility. Our sport is really expensive. Even if you buy on sale or used equipment, you’re still in at least $400-500 just to get started. Then you need to get a pass. Then you have to pay gas to get to the hill. Then you have to pay for PBR. It all adds up.

    But, if you take out the pass price and gas cost, add in cheaper jib style boards, and replace jackets with oversized sweatshirts, our sport starts becoming a lot more (wait for it) accessible. Also, these kids aren’t being driven and directed by big companies with giant ad budgets telling them what that newest coolest thing is (camber! 10k waterproofing! pant to jacket zip interface!). They’re gutter. They’re at the street level, using what they’ve got. Which is, arguably, way more “core” than somebody like me who has sits on the internet and plans out his outerwear for the coming season piece by piece.

  4. rodney dangerfield

    thinking objectively here, i can only come up with a few reasons one might not like ‘snow gangsters.’ the first is XXL clothing – so what? do you not like hari krsnas because they wear big orange frocks or any other people because they wear different clothing than you? number two – music; you dont like rap, that sucks. its true music can seriously make or break a part, but that should only effect your enjoyment while watching not the level of respect towards the riders. i’ve seen this movie already and agree with what brooke said about the cinematography. the movies really well done but i was expecting more hammers after reading the list of riders involved. not as good as older FODT movies.

    i give it a tech 6 out of a tech nine

  5. justsomeshred

    @not good at snowboarding, AMEN to that this guy is totally right! And @snowboarding has been cancelled,just because you like to wear big ass Tall Ts and huge pants doesnt mean you think your hood or from the inner city. Shit i grew up on a farm 10 miles from a town of 250 pop. driving tractors and shit and love the “snow gangster” steez, why? Cause it makes me happy when I ride and thats all that really matters. I guess then the hesh kids are brought up in hippie utopias and snow jocks come from a long line of Roidsed up fathers like Barry Bonds. Styles are styles mang so dont thank just FODT, thank the fact that people can have there own style and thats what makes shred doggin so dope. So in closing, RIP haters.

    the split angles in the Vid did get a lil old after a while… and the soundtrack was a little bit on the mellow side from what I was expecting

  6. Jack

    I’m curious to see Kennedy’s part after hearing he was dropped from Forum for smoking too much crack. As far as the ENTIRE video after seeing the flop that was “Familia”. I think “Dulusions of Grandeur” would have been a better title for that one.

  7. Georgie

    I like the comment that being Gangster makes snowboarding a lot more accessible… yeah buying oversized clothing is cheapppper….. because it takes more fabric to make… that makes sense… second of all, if your so underprivileged, go to a Dicks sporting goods, or ebay, check, or steal that shit! I wouldn’t believe that this progresses the sport and makes it more accessible. Ive seen plent of kids who ride shitty old gear, dont look gangster, and rip hard. Now if thats the style you like thats fine, there is a reason why people like that look, and theres no need to justify it. If you dont like the look, then why care?

    My concern is more along the lines of, does the movie try harder to look “cool” and play “cool” music, or make a good film? from the review I’d say its more about style, but maybe Im wrong?

  8. so...

    I’m not a fan of the “snow gangster” look because it’s not what I choose to wear. I am, however, a fan of people doing what makes them happy. I would guess that these guys have brought up more new riders throughout the years than any other crew. For that I’m thankful. This wasn’t their best video but it wasn’t their worst either. I’m glad they provide a different perspective on snowboarding. If everyone looked and thought the same it would get pretty fucking boring.

  9. snowboarding has been canceled

    making fun of snowboarding since 1997- isn’t that what this digital ‘zine is about?

    that said anything is within limits of critique or jest. if my comments are threatening- it only shows the lack of humor the offended has regarding the comedy of our sport.

    snowboarding in the day was all about fun- making fun of each other, and not giving a damn about what anyone thought. that alone made every snowboarder respected- regardless of how their chose to show their style. because style was an afterthought not a pretense.

    dylan thompson has mad style. mfm’s fountain of style floweth like none other.

    the critiques of my comments only goes to show how far everyone has gone to making the sport untouchable and more about appearance rather than substance. my point was missed entirely.

    i liked snowboarding better when your mom hated it. donno who said it first but damn it’s the truth.

  10. admin

    @snowboarding has been canceled. Amen. If you’re reading this site you should understand that sometimes we say stuff just cause it’s funny. hence “making fun of snowboarding.”

  11. Jon

    I only like this so called ‘snow gangster’ style because all of the self loving, Vermont to Portland transplanted, wanna-be artsy “cool kids” DON’T like it.

    As far as these movies go, they’re too over the top and don’t even really showcase the riding. It’s like everyone is so hard on these poor guys about their tough guy dogs and their pants being too big that they feel like they have to over-produce their videos.

    I miss GEN POP and shitty digi shots of J2 in the rain. Those were the heydays of FODT.

    I must be in a bad mood. The olympics are coming up and Shaun White is already being rammed down my throat everywhere I look.

  12. DoesYobeatEvenSnowboard?

    Who wrote this review and do they even snowboard?!? Who doesn’t know FODT film’s are influenced by hip hop and have a an urban vibe to them, besides someone who just started snowboarding this past winter. They’ve been making movies like this for the past decade or so. To call this a “homey” or “crew” movie makes no sense cuz every movie is a crew movie, thats why there called film “crews”. Correct me if wrong, but, aren’t all jib spots, whether it’s a Mack Dawg, Standard, or FODT movie “creative shit that any kid who wanted to put a little effort in, could go ride”. Step your game up Yobeat, cuz you’re starting to sound like Socal Kooks who should be reviewing surf movies instead of shred movies.

  13. midwestguy

    I couldn’t agree with you more, this review has socal written all over it! It say’s a GIRL named Brook reviewed Hard To Earn. Perhaps YoBeat shouldn’t have girls reviewing Dude snowboard movies. Maybe this chick Brook should Review the all chick flick “Stance”. I’m sure she’d aprove of the way Hana Beaman wear’s her outerwear.

  14. admin

    Hey midwest guy, i mean, does yobeat even snowboard. Are you really having an anonymous comment conversation with yourself? and no, i don’t snowboard, i just run a snowboard site cause it’s so cool!

  15. scottie

    midwest guy. do you honestly visit a website to comment that the editor-in-chief is unqualified? are you this oblivious to the media you take in? where can we meet up, just so i can see the face of someone who really didn’t want to do their homework before writing such a scathing comment.

    unless you’re engaging in some insane ironic/sarcastic joke i just dont get.

  16. bumpNjump420

    who cares what people wear, all snowboarders dont wear the same thing, and its a good thing. and i dont even see how this movie was gangster, it only had two or three hip hop songs, The snowboarding in hard to earn was super sick. I thought the movie was awesome

  17. KritterKrewBitch!

    HAHA DoesYobeatEvenSnowboard/Midwestguy…you just got called out queer!

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  19. jimyjam

    Fuck all of you guys. everyone has different style. If you wannaby snow faggots can’t see that we’re all doing the same thing that we love (snowboarding) than you need to go fuck yo self.

  20. meah

    haha, i cant believe me and jimyjam are only ones smart enough to notice this but if there were no “snow gangsters” like myself or “gypsies” or “rockers” or “tight pants and tall tees” or whatever the fuck else you can possibly look like everybody would look the same, snowboarding would be boring because lucas magoon would look just like gigi ruf with a different style of tricks, holy shit it isnt that hard

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