Billy Morgan Actually Lands an 1800 Quad Cork

Last day riding for the season so thought I would send one for the boys!! Thanks to Red Bull and to Livigno sorting the wedge! #quadcork #1800 #seasondone

Posted by Billy Morgan on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It took a long time for snowboarding to get to this point. It’s kind of like the people on My 600 lb life. How do they let themselves get to that point before deciding to go on TV to do something about it? But of course, in snowboarding it’s not really a problem. Ugly, yeah. Necessary, nah. But it’s actually kind of exciting and gives us something to talk about. You have to respect the level of spinning and hucking athleticism it required. And Billy Morgan couldn’t have done it alone.

People have been claiming the quad cork for years. But now that someone actually did it, we have to ask ourselves: has progression gone too far? Did any one really need to try a 1800 Quad cork? Are we as snowboarders, happy that Red Bull made it possible? We’re sure Billy is, because there’s no way he would have tried that shit if he didn’t want to (and have a little bit too much Red Bull in his system.) Was it worth all the views? Was it fun?

Anyway, hopefully this doesn’t become the standard cause no one wants to watch that shit, it looks gross. Hell, no one else even wants to try that shit, do they? McMorris, we’re looking at you…

Preston Strout handled this the best.

  1. Trillbo Swaggins

    Well fuck me. This is way sicker than ski slopestyle

  2. spf 30

    lol dude does it first try. btw his warm up before going into the jump could be the next black person dance.

  3. me

    why the fuck is anyone surprised by this? it is an impressive feat of gymnastics no-one can deny but outside of that who gives a shit. give him an energydrink sponsorship and send him to the olympics and we can all go back to watching pow edits and yawgoons

  4. spf 30

    i had to google that chris cole triplefleip 720, i thought you meant he did a 720, with a tripleflip. No, he does a 720 flip. guy is such a kook. so good though. remmeber when you could see his transition from baggy pants skater to butt rocker in in bloom. that was too funny.

  5. the infamous triple twisty quadruple!

  6. Stephen Hawking

    Learn to add and/or multiply there Pat Sajak. 4 corks 5’s would be a quad 2160.

  7. fiend

    the like button doesn’t work so i wanted to let you know I liked your comment. What happened to train wreck tho? my vhs player ate my in bloom right on tony t’s part to. RIP.

  8. Sorry about the like/dislike feature. It’s not agreeing with the new server but we’re working on it.

  9. LJ

    Oh for cryin out loud..

    He looks like he fell out of a helicopter and somehow landed on his feet..

    At some point you have to wonder… have we just simply gone to far..

    Im going to go watch Simple Pleasures on VHS and reconnect

  10. industry guy

    So I am on the fence about all this. Someone asked me yesterday what I thought and I originally said, yuck that is just gross and looks like aerial skiing. He then said, well what do you think will be next for contests then if this isn’t it?
    I wasn’t sure what to say but it made me realize that the slopestyle contests that we know today may be hitting a limit as to what tricks are possible. If the Quad cork is the answer to the next wave of tricks, then I think the contest itself needs to change or the future of Snowboarding is in real jeopordy.
    No one will want to get into it cause no one wants to do that trick. It happened in moto when people started doing backflips. The contest side of moto kinda fell off the map. Or at least to me it did. The same 3 people won all the contests. So if the Quad cork is what will win contests then like 3 people will win everything. Its kinda happening now with slopestyle. If you can’t do triples, then you have no shot. So if this is the face of snowboarding, then 3 people will be famous and no one else. And there will be no style so it will look just like ariel skiing. Then people will be training into swimming pools. Oh wait they do that now into airbags.

    Bottom line is something needs to change and everyone is to scared to change it. Travis Rice tried to change it with his contest at bald face, but that didn’t really work for some reason. I thought is was sick though.
    So the question “whats next” I think is more about the future of snowboarding and contests vs the 1 trick.

    Lets fix snowboarding

  11. gfdsg

    that was a sick triple twisty quadruple!!

  12. Quadruple Thumbs Down

    I’d rather see Halldor go for it and land on his head. but rage at the bar later.

  13. poopfrog

    Can we seriously stop calling everything negative “gay.”


  14. poopfrog

    This guy must work in the industry.

  15. poopfrog

    Great News! I went snowboarding today. It did not appear to be dead.

  16. Shaun White

    Sort your stuff out Brooke, I’ve got a lot of red thumbs to hand out here.

  17. Faggot

    Gay Man spotted

  18. green gerard

    @Mid-E Whoops, typo. 90% can’t double. Yes, double corks/rodeos are pretty common. Think about the number of retired double corkers, pro pipe riders, local riders, comp riders, some street riders, crazy little kids, and up coming ams. We can statistically say that 90%, give 2-3% most can double. I’ve met random local riders in random resorts in the middle of europe or south America who are doing doubles for fun (mostly in the backcountry). They don’t want to be sponsored, that’s why you don’t see them too often. The doubles aren’t stylish, but they land them.

  19. Joed

    @spf 30 Haha, true. The guy is so good but he’s seems so desperate now. He even came out in the fucking Jaden Smith music video. wtf lol.

  20. travis rice

    it’s funny you brought up travis rice considering he was the first person to try the triple………….contests have always been spin to win and grab mute, people have been saying weve reached our limits since someone did the first 1080, which now is childs play, i completely understand style in snowboarding, but how can we judge contest with just a bunch of people doing back 180’s and steez front boards, obviously all us can back one, but none of us can quad , its a whole new level of balls and skill, and i guarantee by x games next year there i wll be a quad cork 2160 and a triple will happen in the pipe. think about how boring everything would be if it was just all 180’s and 360’s and nothing harder , it looks good some people have better style than others but moral of the story is everyone can back one

  21. no namer

    who the hell is Billy Morgan? never even heard of the guy..

  22. Be glad you're not billy morgan

    This guy lives a pretty lame life as far as a “professional” snowboarder goes. The only time you ever hear about him is when he’s hucking meat. The only reason I vaguely knew him before this is because of that stupid triple rodeo he did a while back where you questioned how it was possible that such a jerry looking mother fucker could do such a thing. I don’t think it was a matter of “oh I’m feeling a quad cork” it was more “I have nothing else going for me and now that people are doing triples regularly I need to do this or I’m gonna fall off real fast”. I look forward to watching you get worked trying to do this at xgames big air on a jump no where big enough for it to be possible. you’re in your own shit league Billy Morgan and I don’t think anyone wants to join you

  23. Internet Man

    Did someone say quintuple cork?

  24. Chill Wizard

    Haaaa go and ride your own snowboard instead of taking one dudes trick as a personal insult, it’s got fuck all to do with you

  25. Chill Wizard

    Yeah this guy you’ve never met doing a trick on a jump has clearly ruined snowboarding for you forever, better go and burn your board

  26. flashorton

    I love all the ‘lucky’ comments on here. Bitches, please. You don’t land a bs quad 1800 first try with luck. You do it by being a crazy gymnast with a couple of triples on lock and enough time to kill in the air to add another one.

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