Boob Tube: Blackish Goes Boarding

Alright, so no one cares about the Celebrity Apprentice, and since Jamie Anderson was voted off in the last episode, I’ve moved on to other network television shows. Last night, I sat through ABC’s show about the struggles of upper class African Americans in suburban America, Blackish. Now the whole show is pretty mediocre, but in this episode, the family goes on a ski vacation for Martin Luther King Jr day. Frustrated that his son is too sheltered to understand racism, the dad spends the whole trip explaining black history to him. But it’s not until Junior is actually discrimintated against (for snowboarding, of all things!) that he finally makes his dad proud. Really brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

  1. He$h

    Pow Pow thrash

  2. YUH


  3. white.....ish

    That was pretty funny

  4. Kittenpumcher

    Damn smith goggles with the sickest product placement.

  5. Currymon

    Right? Please tell me they paid american dollar bills for that

  6. GetWyld

    what prop department did they pull those ancient snowboards and bindings out of?

  7. brookes vagina

    I has pizza for dinner lass night

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