Let’s Recap

– I went to Burton’s annual employee/friends/industry party ’cause they invited me

– I wrote a story, because that’s what i do

– Some kids at Burton didn’t like it

-Burton called demanding I take it down. My friend thought he was going to get fired, so i did.

-Then i wrote this

-the same kids at Burton turned it into a Burton bash fest thanks to their stupid comments

– so Jared wrote this

-and a few other bloggers have written about it as well..

-Todd Richards even weighed in

-I talked to my friend, who had smoothed things out. So I put the story back up.

-Not to mention it being all over twitter

-But the best part:


Now let’s move on people! I have real work to do.

  1. Wait, Burton and others are saying no one cares? So the huge spike is clearly erroneous. As our the thousands of page views on my post.

    At least now if you Google Burton Snowboards Fall Bash this whole thing comes up first and we all get traffic from it. Thanks Burton Marketing for failing tremendously!

    I don’t care if no one cares. I enjoy when the “man” fucks themselves.

  2. dinkface

    yeah they sure “fucked themselves”. god you people are intolerable twits.

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