29 Reasons We’re Thankful for Snowboarding

On this most delicious of American holidays, we decided to get a little sappy, go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. If you hate reading, there’s a video of a turkey snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor a few years ago up there instead. I’ll start:

1. It makes winter suck less. Could you imagine living somewhere cold and snowy and not snowboarding? I would go nuts.

2. It’s fun. Not sure if you’ve seen any marketing campaigns or snowboard videos lately, but having fun with your friends is all the rage. Luckily if you don’t have any friends, it’s also fun to snowboard solo.

3. It’s a global family. When people in snowboarding are in need, the community comes out in force to support them.

4. It’s a good excuse to travel. And going on trips to do any sort of boardsport is so much better than just going to be a tourist.

5. Powder Days. Self explanatory.

But enough about me, I also asked a few of snowboarding’s elite:

6. Todd Richards – Cause it’s not skiing… oh wait.

7. Dustin Craven – ‘Cause its fun and keeps me from being a high school drop out working on a oil rig.

8.  Jesse Paul – We get to be dancers without the stigmatization of being dancers.

9. Desiree Melancon – I’m thankful for snowboarding because without it I wouldn’t have anything.

10. Max Warbington – I would like to thank snowboarding for giving me the opportunity to create something people enjoy and that I can be proud of. As well as the friends it has provided me, the chicks and the parties.

11-17. Danyale Patterson – If it wasn’t for snowboarding I would probably be doing something meaningful with me life. Snowboarding keeps me wasted. I’m thankful for snowboarding because of all the unique, intelligent people I get to surround myself with. Snowboarding keeps me sharp. So much pussy in the board world. So much dick in the board world.

18. Kyle Clancy– I’m thankful that people are finally realizing the importance of style and choosing unique tricks, the Olympics are bad for the sport and that there is much to learn from the pros that came before. It warms my evil heart!

19. Tim EddyAprès, yeesh moments, backflips, frontside mcgillans, and the ability to do super human movements in which I would never be able to unless given the powers of said snowboard!

20. Andrew Brewer – I’m thankful for snowboarding because if I didn’t have it I’d probably be doing something else.

21. Johnny Lazz – I’m thankful for snowboarding cuz I wouldn’t be getting with the girls I get with, without it

22. Sage KotsenbergI’m thankful for snowboarding because it has led me to see so many different cultures, meet awesome human beings, and learn to not take anything too seriously. I feel so lucky to be involved in this amazing lifestyle we partake in, long live snowboarding!!


23. Mary RandI am thankful for snowboarding because through it I have met some amazing people, seen some amazing sights and felt alive!

24. Johnny O’Connor – I’m thankful for the people of snowboarding that keep life less serious and more enjoyable

25. Brendan Gerard – I’m thankful snowboarding had kept me from being this guy:


26. Sean Genovese – Straight up… For the friends that it’s introduced me to.

27. Jake Olsen-Elm – Trollhaugen.

And some of the clowns at Yobeat too. 

28. The Catfish– Endless Smiles and Friendships.

29. Jerm – I’m thankful for snowboarding because it lets me get paid to tell people how much they suck at snowboarding. 

How bout you guys?


  1. I’m thankful for snowboarding because I do what I want

  2. hmm

    I’m thankful because if it weren’t for snowboarding I would probably be a totally different person! The snowboard community has influenced so much in my life since I was little I can’t imagine where I would be without it!

  3. Lol

    It gives me something to do when I’m stoned, so I look productive.

  4. TROOF


  5. Yolo Gaper

    Im thankful for snowboarding because if I didn’t snowboard i would have ended up a hockey dick.

  6. me

    thanks native americans for letting me slide on your snow

  7. me

    not that you have much say in it

  8. W.W.D.

    Travel, friends, smiles, beers and a job that I don’t consider a job. Thanks snowboarding.

  9. Canadian

    This makes me happy!

  10. Thirsty Convoy

    He’s goofy

  11. Bruce

    I’m thankful that snowboarding has provided us with the award recipients for the Nobel prize in the category of greatest human, 10 years running, Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller.

  12. poopfrog

    Wait. I don’t get the joke here…

  13. Nightmare Snowboards

    We’re thankful for snowboarding because it lets us be the dirty, weed smoking, dudes we are. Also it lets us show that were better than everyone else. NIGHTMARE LIFE!!! Fuck the rest

  14. Toddrichardsnuthair

    The friends and the rad memories and it’s the fucking sickest shit to do

  15. Trillbo Swaggins

    I’m not thankful for the neon yellow full page analog ad thats nearly making my eyes bleed

  16. col. forbin

    pow slashes, methods, indy pokes

  17. Ayo

    Joe Sexton is that you?

  18. Nightmare smowboards

    Thankful for being the team manager of such a sick company. I’m totally into dudes and make every team member blow me anytime I ask. I’ll sponsor anyone, for a blowy(please only boys between the ages 6-12).


    I’m thankful for snowboarding because I get fuckin ripped as fuck and do sick ass fuckin tricks with my NightBros we fuckin rip Nightmare is the truest dank

  20. JP Walker

    I’m thankful that Jed Anderson came out of the closet.

  21. Estes

    I’m thankful for the good laughs I get from reading comments on here.

  22. ontario

    same here mr gaper

  23. TROOF


  24. Eric Koston

    Fuck snowboarding, Skate or die NERDS!

  25. dude

    I’m not thankful for dick shit

  26. smo

    This turkey gets down harder than most of u web scrubs

  27. PICKE

    Brace yourself, longboard snowboarding is coming FML!

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