Drinking Beer from a Shoe is HUGE in Snowboarding


The habit of forcing your bros to drink beer from their own disgusting shoes is just slightly less offensive than pissing in your own mouth, which is probably why it’s gaining steam in the snowboard world this summer. After seeing it multiple times on snapchat, we set out to get the truth. Since Cole Linzmeyer posted the most snap, we figured we’d ask him.

What is with people drinking out of shoes?

It’s a house rule I found out when I got to Tahoe. A group of us are at Woodward Tahoe for the Nitro session, and Nick N. has done it three times already. I ain’t trying.

What’s the rule? You have to do it to be cool?

No, if you knock over your beer you drink the rest out of the shoe. For doing the party foul, that’s what u have to do.

Who’s rule is this?

Brandon Hammid, Knut Eliasson and others.

This disturbing habit is an off shoot of a popular drinking game “Beer Hockey.” Josh Parker explains:

So everyone sits around a table and has their can of beer in front of them. One quarter is passed around the table from person to person…. they spin the quarter on the table and then call out anyone else at the tables name. The person whose name they call out becomes the “shooter” and tries to slap or flick the quarter into anyone else’s can. You can block with only your pinkie and pointer finger…. there are additional rules. but you get the gist. Any way, as you can deduce, hands are flying everywhere. If you knock over your can on accident you have to drink a beer out of your shoe.

According to Josh, Paul Heran brought this trend to board world from frat world three years ago and it’s been spreading like wildfire, and now includes any party foul, whether playing the game or not.  Our advice: Don’t blow it partying or you may soon be not only drinking your own foot funk, but then walking around in beer scented kicks for the rest of the summer.

  1. JoeyD

    The combination of shoe beers and the number of times brewer shot me in the ass with a red ryder BB gun made for an odd/scary night on friday

  2. Bert

    Cole don’t you remember doing this in YKMF

  3. a boob

    Brooke, you write like a 5th grader.

  4. djangorechained

    Nick N is a bitch and a pussy. fact.



  6. TROOF


  7. Wear flip flops…

  8. i thot

    u drink from the boot bc party fouls

  9. Old Gregg

    I’m Ollld Greggggg

  10. matt

    nah.. in hockey if you knock your beer over you have to bring the zamboni out. you put your face on the table, and suck the beer off the table to clear the ice, zamboni style

  11. Andrew

    What is hashing?

    Kayakers haven been making people who swim out of their kayak drink a beer out of their nasty booties for ages.

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