1. partial film credit goes to crazy rick from tahoe, master of fondue and frisbee boarding

  2. delasweg

    Brooke you look white as well and all that beer is making U chubby m8

  3. No,

    just no..

  4. snatch

    its funny cuz shes fat

  5. Oliver

    Isn’t funny

  6. Timwindells'ballsack

    daaaammmmmn, this was lame.

  7. Guy

    Woulda been more entertaining if there was some riding tbh

  8. philthy

    this is lame. and brooke’s voice pierces my speakers and ears. tone it down girl.

  9. Lil 'bud'dha

    use that camera and followcam my boy jeff holce through some laps

  10. ohhhhh

    yobeat so trendy


  11. good marketing

    repping the catfish very hard

  12. moles

    fuck boosted gopro audio

  13. JP Walker

    If it was less scripted it would have been way funnier

  14. burritosandsnow

    This is actually truth …. I found out by standing next to her at Holy Bowly. That was actually Rumorator in the red right?

  15. Rasta John

    Brooke, go back to playing softball

  16. dude

    that beer wasn’t even open. learn how to party pussys

  17. sadgirl

    Oliver, do better. Do butt stuff.

  18. I actually bought Yobeat from Brooke for those two hoods.

  19. Black Gallagher

    White people smell like bologna!

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