Ben Hucke Goes Snowboarding (For the First Time Ever)

While we’ve all just been sitting around talking about whether snowboarding is dying or not, a committee of industry types was actually assembled to ensure it’s success. Now this think tank of brand owners, snowboarding pioneers, ex pros and other “been there, done that” types put their heads together and came up with a brilliant plan.

“Let’s tell everyone to bring a friend snowboarding.”

No seriously.  While this plan may not actually change a damn thing, we felt inspired. And it turns out our friend and life-long Portlander, Ben Hucke had never been snowboarding, despite living an hour from Mt. Hood. Now on his bike, Ben does stuff like this:


So I figured with snowboarding being totally easy, Ben would be a natural. What I forgot is what learning to snowboarding is actually like. Let’s just say it was probably more entertaining for me, than him. Ben was a good sport though and for his first day, I’d say he did pretty well.

As far as saving the snowboard industry, Ben wants to go again and may just buy a Spring pass. So that’s something.

  1. shaun white

    so if i become good friends with you guys will you feature my shitty riding on the site too?

  2. Samuel Jackson

    Fuck brooke you’ve gotta sexy ass voice, Imma get in dat

  3. connor

    that BMX photo is actually fucking gnarly

  4. A

    Yeah Ben!

  5. boom

    will he be the first bmx influenced snowboarder?

  6. Smoneyg

    I want to preface this statement by saying bmx is wack. Yeah hitting jumps on a bmx bike is good fun but in the accrual scheme of things bmxers are a bunch of bros and backflip super mans seat grab knack knacks are lamer than ballet skiing. But it does require skill. No way that somebody who is adept to the point of being pro at something that requires balance, understanding of speed and air awareness can knuckle out a kids jump and kinda turn on his first day. Why is this at all post worthy?

  7. ....

    Let me just preface this statement by saying man, you’re fucking retarded. By saying bmx is a bunch of bro’s, you’re essentially saying all snowboarders are shaun white, as clearly your frame of reference is completely off and most people outside the industry associate snowboarders with shaun white. Now you just look ignorant and dumb because as someone who only skates and snowboards I can say this BMX edit is fucking sick with a stupid amount of style

  8. ruka-allday

    Austin Hironaka?

  9. Ben

    You hurt my internet feelings, bro! :*(

  10. is

    fucking wack

  11. mmmhmm


  12. filmer faggot

    ben is the gnarliest biker

  13. @TheRealShaunWhite

    I’m going to be the next Pro Scooter-er/Snowboarder just you motherfuckers watch!

  14. brad

    You’re fucking wack, is

  15. brad

    You’re fucking wack, is

  16. Satan

    That are a lot more BMXers that snowboard than you think.

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