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Wet Hot American Summer

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Last weekend was some holiday celebrating the independence of America or something. I don’t know, I am not real big on loud holidays, so I celebrated by drinking quietly. But I finally made it out to take advantage of the sweltering Portland heat with a river trip on Sunday. Rather than the shallow, crowded Sandy River, we headed an hour north to the Washougal. Not only does the river have a cool name, but tons of deep water and places to jump into. And we lucked out with the crowds, being that there were none. The water was ours, and a few Miller High Lives and good friends, my first (and certainly not last) river trip was a success. Feel like you were there by looking at some more pictures.


Ruby came along to smell things and look cute.


It is amazing to me that there are two people named Chris Mulcahy in the world. They are both from New Hampshire, but not related. Here is one of them diving into the water.


Look close. This random dude tried to do a daring stunt from a high cliff in the trees. It didn’t go so hot.


To get to this spot you drive across the pictured bridge and then hike down. Unless of course you are Jordan. Then you strip down to your short shorts and jump right in.


Lindsay warmed up for this stunt but swinging her arms like she was running. Then she proceeded to actually run into the water. Fairly entertaining.


Party Time Nate is the best. He decided to attemp a backflip off the rope swing, and by looking at this picture, you can probably tell how that worked out. Three days of sunburn + hard impact with the water, well, not great for the skin apparently.


Nothing a cig and a highlife won’t fix.


Here’s my self portait. Please note I am wearing flip flops because I am participating in a summer, water-based activity. This is the only acceptable time to wear flip flops. Ever.


Ruby decided when it was time to go. Some Yocream on the way home, a BBQ that night, and it was pretty much the most fun Sunday anyone could possible have.

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