Two Wheels= Two Too Few?


Aaron was concerned having his finger on the brake made him look like a puss, but I assured him that was not what was doing it.

For some reason my work day turned into a very brief foray into bike photography. Apparently Jared wanted to know what he looks like on the other side of the lens, which as it turned out, he wasn’t very happy with. He only let me use one photo I shot of him, but since Aaron isn’t here, I get to pick the ones I like of him!

The shoot was filled with Jared telling me where to stand and letting me know I “wasn’t shooting the right thing.” As far as I could tell, there was no point when they were actually “doing anything” but I suppose that’s what happens when you shoot something you know very little about. So take that as a note to aspiring action sports photographers. Even when it seems like there is nothing going on, apparently, there is a “correct time to shoot.” Follow the jump for a few more shots from today’s shoot. Hard to believe, but I won’t be saving these for print.




And here’s the shot of Jared getting aggressive.

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