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My, What a Busy Week!

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Check out my full gallery of photos of this kid here.

Today is culminating one of those weeks I feel like I’ve really outdone myself. In large part it is probably because I was out of town all last week so there was a good deal of catching up to be done.  It seems like I’ve been churning out an especially large amount of content, and what better way to create more content with it than to reblog it all!

But when I actually sat down to find the stuff I’ve done this week, it turns out I’d only written two stories on YoBeat (the Art of the Board Hold and Hump day with Dirksen,) and some little blogs on AWS. I shot the photos for today’s On Deck, but most of what I posted was created by others. So I decided it’s time to let everyone in on a little secret. Just because I didn’t write or shoot it, doesn’t mean it didn’t give me a headache.

This week’s behind the scenes tasks included ad sales, accounting, re-writing submissions, answering random questions and explaining mundane tasks to others, posting stuff daily, delegating resulting in hours of loading stuff on FTP, and even helping make physical banners for YoBeat. And of course, I am always thinking about the future and what the hell I am going to post next week. That said, I love my job and could think of a lot worse things to be spending my time on. But this weekend, I am pretty excited to take out some pent up aggression on one of the white pines in my backyard.

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