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The Seasons Collection is an impressive coffee table book from an even more impressive project, a 150 hardcovered-page recap Matt Alberts’ inspirational journey. Sponsored by Cadillac, Matt traveled in luxury (brand new Cadillacs and and airstream is hardly “camping”) to visit some of the coolest people in the world, in some of the best and most beautiful places, and capture it all on not just film, but wet collodion tin types that will last forever and ever.

The book was actually written by Bonfire founder Brad Steward. Though it is mainly photos, the short version of the journey (we’re sure there are many, many more tales of amazing things Matt got to do over the course of the year that got left out) is beautifully written in a voice you can authentically believe to be Matt’s. And being authentic is what really matters, right?

The words are interesting, but the book is really about the photos, which are a mix between digital and tin types. The tin types vary from haunting portraits on blank backgrounds to people in their natural environment. Because the tin type process makes eyes look creepy as hell, the close up portraits may very well haunt you in your dreams, but we promise, these people are all very much alive and living life, as they say.

We would be irresponsible to mention there are only three seasons (snow, water and sun) in the book. Kind of a let down because we wanted more, so we hope Matt gets to keep those Cadillacs and do Canada next. If so, he’ll need gas money, and you can support the cause by owning your own copy. The book is for sale on TheLIFERSProject.com for $70.

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