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Good news kids! It’s like we’ve hopped in a time machine and headed straight back to the early ’00s when Mother Nature used to provide enough of that good stuff to go around all year long at Mt. Hood! Despite reports of dire glacial conditions at Whistler shuttering Camp of Champs, Timberline is looking prime this year with snow piles as far down as Gov’y. As of June 25th you can still do full laps on the Magic Mile lift, and there is a 22′ pipe and a mile-long park to boot! My predictions are for full laps until at least July 4th or so.

The scene is the same — gypsters, ski racers, dirt bags and little kids who are better than you. The pro count was low on my visit, but let’s be real, does anyone even care about pros anymore? And they’re bound to show up sooner or later, so don’t fret.

Cobra Dogs, Volcano Cones, Charlie’s, the Taco Shoppe and all your other usual food options still apply. Sadly no, there is not a dispensary in Gov’y yet, but there are two in nearby Welches — a great excuse to go poach the Windells skatepark. Apparently High Cascade is still in business as well.

That about sums it up. Weatherman says it’s supposed to be a hot summer though, so get your ass up here sooner rather than later.

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