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DIY #1: Pallet Bench

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I recently trained myself to use power tools. More specifically, a circular saw and a drill, which it turns out is all you need to make a bunch of crafty shit out of crap you can find on the side of the road! Now fair warning, taking pallets apart is a pain in the ass, but it’s made infinitely easier with a proper pry bar and a tetanus shot.

Pallets are the perfect length for these benches, but you could obviously cut them to any length smaller than original. You’ll need 4 boards and a 4×4 to make it.

1. Cut the 4×4 to the desired leg length. I like em at 16″.

2. Lay three of the pallet boards side by side and use em to measure cuts for the fourth board. Cut three pieces the width of the bench top.

3. Screw em together.

4. Flip over the top and balance it on the legs, placing them right inside the braces on the edges. Screw through the top and boom! You have a bench. If you wanna get fancy, add a couple more pallet pieces to the legs both for support and style.




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