How to Get Bloggers to Post Your Video

Every so often I get an email directed to this site. Apparently the general interest nature of it makes my plethora of traffic interesting to all sorts of different markets. Normally I just ignore them, But this email that came today was so amusing (to me), I decided it was worth posting:

My name is Mike and I thought you would be interested in this video on Driving Under the Influence.

It is a very informative video that I believe is worth sharing. I was hoping you would consider sharing this with the viewers of your website. If you like, we could write a short blurb to go along with the video.

Due to Google’s rules, we cannot pay for links. We also do not have a budget for advertising. We feel this is a video your viewers would truly enjoy and also would be great for your website.

So here’s what I’m asking to sum it all up:
You mention the video or post it on your site and we benefit from that
You benefit from getting content for your site to drive traffic, gain authority, and get people talking on your site
We share your site socially and if you have content you are trying to get out there we can help you
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Well Mike, I’m feeling generous, and I appreciate your honesty. Though I hate to break it to you this post is unlikely to bring you any business. Anyway the hand drawing time lapses in the video are kinda neat and I’m ALWAYS looking to gain authority. Thanks guys!

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