How to Make Your Crew Standout

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People like to claim snowboarding as an individual activity, full of personal expression and all that nonsense, but truth is, it’s a lot more fun to do with friends. And since “fun” is a big deal in snowboarding right now, “the crew” is really enjoying its place in the snowboard spotlight. There are tons of crew video contests, crew movies, and even pro teams are pretending they all like each other for that together-y feeling.  But like everything in snowboarding, there are always gonna be certain crews that really stand out. Yawgoons, Lick the Cat, House of 1817, Footyfiend etc etc. What sets these guys apart from you and your homies? Well, there are a few things. Using this step by step guide, this season can be the year you guys break out and maybe even start getting free hoodies and beanies!

Hill City Squad – named after Duluth aka The City on a Hill.

1. A good name. Picking your crew name is key to your success. It should be something that’s easy to say, but just a little offbeat, so if someone Googles you they don’t get a bunch of unrelated bullshit. Pick an inside joke or if you’re really STUMPED, maybe you can get some tips from the Internet. Whatever you do, stick with it. Changing names often confuses everyone.

True fact: UKC has a “team manager”.

2. A leader. Snowboarders tend not to be the most motivated or organized individuals, so when you get them together, it’s basically like herding cats. You need one person in the group who can make the decisions, make sure shit happens, and otherwise keep your crew together. A lot of times they’re also the filmer, which brings us to our next point…

Dr. B is a leader and a filmer. The double wammy.

3. A dedicated filmer. There is no way you can be successful or relevant in snowboarding today without someone filming your every move. Ideally, they should be able to hold the camera steady, edit well and otherwise make all the hilarious antics and sick boarding they capture watchable. Bonus points if they’re some sort of weird character.

Tre Squad even lets a skier play and it works for them!

4. At least one good snowboarder. Don’t worry, many a snowboard career has been built on riding someone’s coattails. It’s awesome if all of your buddies kill it, but it’s more realistic that only one or two of you have above-average talent. That’s ok, just make sure when your footage hits the internet, that person has stacked tons of clips. Bonus: if they’re sponsored, the rest of the crew can leach off them and use their hand-me-down gear.

LTC- The Ultimate social networkers.

5. A digital presence. No one is going to pay attention to you if you’re not spamming them from every social network. Making a sick ass facebook page, get an instagram, twitter and even a blog. Think of it as a resume you can send out to potential sponsors and media outlets to show them how serious you guys are.

Finally, there are many other things you can do to make your crew stand out. Get matching tattoos, get a shitty van to live communally in all winter, get a black kid, whatever. We can’t give away all the secrets. We can tell you though, it’s best to start building up hype now so that you have lots of followers when the snow finally flies. Then it’s just a matter of living the dream daily and before you know it, you’ll all be snowboarding superstars, drowning in powder, pussy and product!

  1. Cosby

    How bout some Flippin Bird… they have a black kid

  2. No mention of the the only crew that matters? GBP? This article is bunk.

  3. Bus Kid

    I honestly live for lick the cat edits

  4. Churb Oi

    Gotta agree with Jerm, GBP has Tyler Lynch, most underated kid out there right now

  5. fired

    “get a black kid” hahahaha that’s fucked up

  6. gravedi99er

    do0o0oD! does this mean ill finally get laid?!

  7. ShyBladderBoyz

    Hey yall we the ShyBladderBoyz recruiting the hottest boyz from around the world. We shred hard from coast to coast. We ride the most, no need to bost.

  8. ted bundy

    how about those strange brew fuckers? Gesme kills it!

  9. GBP ! and you guys should go International ..D.O.P.E. guys are sick, and Ninja Squad out here hahha #bulgarianenglish

  10. steve

    the steezey snowflakes


    COUCHBOYS / THUG KREW represent!!!!

  12. Mark G

    Thug Krew killin it and havin good times, thats what its about!

  13. Dos

    Yawgoons all day!

  14. smokemethbechyll

    i really hope strange brew stays together

  15. Ya Motha's Onion


    Positive respect to all the other crews,456


    Our boy chmil has his name change game on lock #ANECDOTExTHECRUMSxTRASHLEAGUE

  18. My mom told me not to hang out with Thugs… but I never listened. Gotta love the Thug Krew.
    And the Couchboys? They are the niggas that’ve been down since day one. Truth.
    GBP… much respect.

  19. weedeveryday

    my homies the bigdirties on the comeup!

  20. fugyomomma

    is….is that… a skier.

  21. Sosa


    #3Hunna #BangBang #OBlock

  22. duhh

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