Brooke Report: Sammy the Shredder


The Adventures of Sammy the Shredder is a new book from the Adventure Zoo Crew, aimed at little kids. In order to make sure I’m not missing any of the key points, I opted for a book report format, and since it’s been awhile I used an outline from Wikihow. Here’s everything you need to know about this touching tale of ‘boarding.

Author: Brian Allen and Tawnya Schultz
Illustrator: Jennifer Jeffries Ryan

This book is about Sammy, a young bear who is learning to snowboard. This book told the story of Sammy’s first day boarding and was filled with action such as Sammy getting ready to board, hitting his head cause he doesn’t know how to turn and watching his big bro and friends do sweet moves. He gets some help from his big brother, a bunch of woodland creatures and also a little encouragement from an O.G. shredder bear.

I’d have to say my favorite character was the OG dude Sammy rides the lift with, cause he was very wise. Also the dude who nailed a board slide while Sammy hung out and watched seemed alright too. I really didn’t care for the raccoon who was basically just hanging around the whole time and not doing much helpful. Also, Sammy’s big bro seemed like kind of a jerk making Sammy hit boxes and ride tree lines on his first day boarding.


I didn’t really understand why they insisted on calling it “shredding.” I mean, they could have name the bear anything, and Bobby the Boarder has a rally nice ring to it. Also, Sammy the Shredder may confuse small children who’ve picked it up based on the fact it claims to “teach the basics of snowboarding” and then proceeds to have several fallacies about the sport within its pages.

At the end of the book, Sammy successfully makes it down a tree run and is clearly hooked for life. It was really heart warming to see him overcome his head injury and get back on the board!

You can download the book here as a digital download or buy it at a Burton store near you.

  1. dude rides a Barfoot!

  2. Pirate

    His stance seems legit.

  3. Bill B.

    A- Brooke, nicely done. Too bad about that raccoon. I’d like to know more about the characters, but overall, I found this report comprehensive and enlightening.

  4. boneyballsack

    you must really be low on content…

  5. KC KYLE

    Cant wait for the sequel…. Sammy goes heli boarding?

  6. Lil Bud'ha

    Yeah sammy’s pretty on trend for 2010 with that stance, I bet he waves his hands in the air to fuck when he does front 3s out and never rides kickers bigger than 10ft

  7. upstatemike.

    i can’t wait for book 3 where sammy the shredder sends out sponsor me tapes to everyone because he landed a 720. he then becomes “flow”, says he is pro, and discovers marijuana.

  8. Is book 4 where he finds the Squirrel Nate Boznuts and they do drugs in the big city? Causing Sammy to lose his sponsorship?

  9. weedeveryday

    sammy found pot

  10. weedeveryday

    fack failed to read previous comments

  11. Justin's Bong

    omg what a cute little bear! but this shit is stupid!

  12. the industry

    get more young kids snowboarding!

  13. Tawnya Schultz

    …is a babezilla

  14. JP Walker

    Legit. Bears. Snowboarding.

  15. Watch Out

    He look like he finna steal yo girl !


  16. Made me laugh. You forgot to mention that the book rhymes, has a vocab breakdown in the back and has a theme song on youtube with El Hefe from NOFX….just sayin’! Check it. And Sammy part 2 coming next winter. Sammy may or may not discover marijuana…but riding with Boznutz, now that’s questionable, although it would make for a good story so I’ll consider it.

    Until any of you fools write a book, don’t hate. 😉

    Peace and love, T

  17. Dennis

    There will always be cynics like Brooke. Attacking something aimed to promote the growth of this sport by reaching a young demographic is sad. But given the negative tone to the rest of your
    articles I can see why you wrote this such a childish why. Looks like this book worked, and touch
    a child.

    Broooke Geery ‘Yobeats moral drunken driver. Yep, I’m a sad soul’

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