Nick and Sarah go on a Date

A while back we said Sarah Morrison was too cool for us. Well that doesn’t mean we’re not still friends and that when she comes to visit we can’t make her do funny things like go on a blind date with Nick Lipton. We’ve had other “Nick and Sarah” collaborations in the past (different Nick) but I would say this is the best one yet. So enjoy a trip to every one’s favorite Portland eatery, Applebees, with Nick and Sarah.

  1. Mr HIPHOP

    Not even close to funny…

  2. im trying to fit in around here by leaving this comment.

    in other news, i can’t believe this site still looks wacky in IE. i should probably fix it for you in exchange for letting me move in for a week <3

  3. S

    nice idea for sure. could’ve done a lot more with this.

  4. Me

    He’s clearly gay, and she’s much hotter in print.

  5. seth

    every one does hate u nick! did u atleast super man that hoe!

  6. ...

    nick is hot and sarah needs to lose a bunch. sorry.

  7. steven H

    1. “uber uber twitter”
    2. Shoulda gone to Sizzla
    3. Nice haircut Nick
    4. Sara sucks at talking
    5. Smoking cigarettes is cool

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