I am Awesome at Skateboarding!

Everyone wants to be a skateboarder (except of course rockstars and Gods.) Luckily for me, I am totally awesome at skateboarding. That is of course, unless you put me in a video with people who are actually good. I guess since Jared’s video is arsty, I will forgive him for making my stunts look less cool by juxtaposing them against Ben and Scott.

Dude Ranch Mini Ramp: Portland from Souney Media on Vimeo.

  1. The dude ranch is a suspiciously close name to the dude barn. Biters!

  2. technically, they were ripping off the dude plex, who copied the idea from the dude barn. i like how both you and pat have complained about it, and neither of you actually live at the dude barn.

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