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April in Portland

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My friend Jen just wrote a blog about April in Colorado, and how it can snow at any time. It’s times like these when I am glad to live in Portland. Sure, it might rain a little bit, but this past weekend’s weather can only be described as epic. It also happened to coincide with my birthday, and the completion of a new backyard mini. Since you’ll probably ask, the ramp is at Steve’s house and is the culmination of his dream since the age of 8. If you are nice I will take you there.

So in short, we ate, we drank, we skated and I made a web video, of course.

And a few more pictures.


I felt like it would be a good idea to get a new default shot before the ramp warps and what not. I did about 1000 pivots and I really wish I knew more tricks. But anyway, Jared got the shot, so that’s cool.


Jason Levins turned up on Saturday, which isn’t a huge surprise since the whole crew is from Vermont. But you know, he used to page me in study hall. We go way back.


Nate always spoils us with his wonderful cooking. The man likes a good loin.


No phoned in burger and dog BBQ here. Perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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