Remember the radio?

Lately I have been listening to a lot of talk radio. Portland has an awesome AM station that boardcasts Air America and other liberal and awesome shows. As it turns out, it’s more interesting than the 6 gigs of music on my iPod. So that, combined with the fact I have been really opinionated lately, prompted me to say yes when I was invited to be on the radio myself.

Cyrus has actually been trying to get me to come on the Extreme Scene in SF for awhile, and Saturday night, it finally happened. If you want to listen to what I had to say, you can do so here. But what is much more amazing than my actual thoughts, is that shortly after the show ended, my parents called. Through the magic of facebook, they had found out I was going to be on the radio, figured out how to listen, and then actually did so. My mom explained that she had to not only find the site, but then figure out how to listen and download something! That’s a lot of technology for an old person, so I am really proud of them. Oh, the internet.

  1. Mama

    OLD PERSON??? hey, that’s harsh:)

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